Can Dogs Drink Gatorade

can dogs drink gatorade

If you exercise, staying hydrated is crucial by drinking water. However, you might have discovered that sports drinks taste and work well. Gatorade is a popular drink, which contains sugar, as well as electrolytes: sodium, and potassium.

can dogs drink gatorade

Besides its use during workouts, Gatorade can replenish electrolytes lost during illnesses. Owing to its effectiveness and popularity, pet owners use the drink to rehydrate their pooch after day-to-day activities; also, when the pets are stricken with various illnesses such as diarrhea. But is it okay to give the dog Gatorade?

Canine Dehydration

Canine dehydration is a common problem. Why, and dogs don’t break a sweat? Dogs are constantly losing water, when panting, defecating, breathing, and urinating. When they diarrhea or vomit, they lose water rapidly.

Dehydration happens when your pooch loses more fluids than it replaces. Similarly, the electrolytes (chloride, sodium, and potassium) in its body are used up.  

What Symptoms of Dehydration Should I Look For?

Physical Signs: Check if the pouch is panting; has sunken eyes, or a dry nose and gums. You can even pinch the skin to determine its elasticity.

Behavioral Signs: Water loss also leads to reduced energy levels, loss of appetite and the pooch may become lethargy –tired looking.

As the concentration of electrolytes and fluids reduces, the dog’s normal body processes become impaired. Dehydration is a terrible state and will trigger severe conditions such as diabetes, kidney diseases, cancer, and heart stroke.  

Go Ahead and Give the Pooch Some Gatorade

Yes, Gatorade can restore the pooch’s body to normal conditions by replenishing the water level and recharge the lost electrolytes. If the dog is sick, the fluid will work like a charm. Besides, this stuff is tastier than water.

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Word of Caution

There is something crucial to know before giving the dog Gatorade. Its sugar content may be harmful to the health of the dog. It’s specially formulated for human beings, who have a capable pancreas and liver. Thus, we can deal with the high sugar.

Dilute the Stuff with Water

Your pooch has smaller organs and may not break down sugar comfortably. In this light, never give the dog the whole amount. When you do, dilute the solution with water. For instance, mix half the solution an equal amount of water. Don’t over-indulge the dog but give the fluid sparingly – in moderation.  

The market is full of other products that have no sugar additives. They have the same electrolytes found in Gatorade. Pedialyte is an excellent alternative, for rehydrating dogs when there are sick. It’s formulated to treat children. You may want to avoid all sugary substances.

Bottom Line

For your pooch to live a long, happy life, keep it hydrated. Always change the water in the trough after one or two days, because it becomes dirty and contaminated with bacteria. Make sure to monitor if the dog drinks the water.

In conclusion, if you opt for Gatorade and other similar products, practice moderation. Otherwise with proper hydration both you and the pooch will sail through life smoothly.

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