How Much Water Do Dogs Need

how much water should dogs drink

Humans and dogs are alike they never drink enough water.

how much water should dogs drink

We are not always thirsty, but that doesn’t mean that the body has adequate hydration.

But what is the right amount? You probably heard that humans should drink up to twelve glasses of water per day.

This amount seems ridiculous and unachievable.

It turns out that the food you eat provides a substantial level of hydration.

What about dogs? Freshwater for your canines is crucial.

Most owners, however just leave water sitting in the dog’s dish.

They assume that the canine will drink it. The truth is the dogs might end up ignoring the water for hours and even days.

The water might also end up tasting and smell bad because of bacteria, saliva, and dust.

It may result in the dog being sick.

Effects of Not Drinking the Right Amount of Water

Most dogs naturally drink water on their own, but some either over-drink or under-drink.

When a dog drinks too much water, it can lead to electrolyte imbalance, water toxicity (Hyponatremia) and stomach bloating.

Moreover under-drinking may result in dehydration, organ failure, kidney stones and even death.

Additionally, if the dog is under or over drinking water, it can be a sign of underlying illness.

Over-drinking might indicate diabetes, bladder infection or any other type of disease in the dog’s body.

Drinking less water could signify Pancreatitis, Parvo or Leptospirosis.

How Much Water Do Dogs Need?

Monitoring the drinking habit of your dog is essential.

It can improve the dog’s health, ensure proper hydration and prevent various illnesses.

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On the average, amount of water a dog needs depends on several factors including;

Size of the Dog

On a daily basis, a healthy dog should drink a half to one ounce of water per pound of body weight.


A healthy diet is also vital.

The kind of food you serve the dog also affects its water intake.

For instance, dogs that consumed dry foods or foods high in sodium will want to drink more water.

Sodium even raises the pet’s blood pressure.


The weather also plays an important role.

During summer, dogs pant more than usual which means they will increase their water intake.


Puppies are sensitive, and you need to monitor their drinking habits closely.

They usually need to drink a half cup every two to four hours, if not they will be dehydrated and even die.

How to Test for Dehydration

It is easy to test and confirm if your dog is dehydrated.

You just need to pinch the skin on the dog’s neck then let go of it very quickly.

If the skin returns slowly, it means your dog needs to be hydrated immediately.

If it goes back rapidly, then your dog is healthy and hydrated.

Clean Water

Encourage your dog to drink water by giving it fresh, clean water three times in a day.

Before doing so ensure the water dish is washed.

Giving your dog clean and enough water will help promote its health.

Does your dog drink enough water?

Do you offer your dog flavored water? Leave us a comment below.

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