Can Dogs Eat Guava?

Can Dogs Eat Guava

Can Dogs Have Guava?


It’s given that not all foods are safe for canine consumption, but guava may be a sweet exception. Most edible fruits don’t cause issues to the people who eat them, but this is not always true for animals.

Dogs can eat some types of fruits, but it is essential to be mindful of the actual quantity.

can dogs have guava

What is Guava?

Guava is a fruit that is native to South America. They are small, round, about an inch-long, pink or yellow. Guava is high in fiber, vitamin C, B6, and minerals, which is good for us humans. This sweet, juicy fruit is also prized as a great source of antioxidants.

Guava can be eaten or turned into an edible paste, sherbet, jam, jelly, wine, and many more variations. There are many different guavas, but the most common kinds are the oval-shaped Guavas.

Is it good for dogs to eat guava?


Guavas are safe for dogs to eat; the exotic guava is highly nutritious for them. It provides plenty of fat and carbohydrate that dogs need.

Guava is considered to be a very nutritious fruit and it has been categorized as a superfruit. It has many vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.

Guavas can also be eaten as a supplement that will help your dog’s skin and coat shine. Plus it’s not near as sugary as most other fruits we feed our dogs like bananas!

If your dog is of age, it can be fed with guavas a little more often. Younger dogs can sometimes develop digestion problems when given too much guava. No matter the age of your dog, remove the seeds and skin of the guava before adding it to your dog’s diet; give the dog only the ripe portion of the guava to eat.

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Failure to do so results in a severe digestive problem for your dog. Though guavas are nutritious to dogs, they must be given in moderation.

It’s important to know that all dogs aren’t the same regarding the fruit they can eat. It is always recommended to start with small portions first and see how they react. Get your vet’s advice if you are on the fence.

If your dog shows any adverse reaction after talking guava be sure to keep an eye on them and call your vet.

Why Guavas are Good for Dogs

Now that you know that dogs can eat guava without any harm, why are guava good for dogs? Guavas have vitamins and minerals that are essential to the health of dogs and humans. Here are some of the benefits of guava.

Fiber: Guava has about 3 grams of fiber. Fiber aids in the digestion of food. Guava can help the digestive system function well.

Iron: Dogs need the right proportion of every available nutrient, and iron provides your dog with the hemoglobin it needs.

Potassium: We can’t talk about vitamins and minerals without mentioning potassium; guava contains all the potassium the dog needs. Surprisingly, Guava is a fruit that is incredibly rich in potassium. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says that a 100-gm serving of guava has 417mg of potassium. Potassium boosts the dog’s muscle growth, breaks down fats for better digestion, and regulates your dog’s PH level.

Vitamin A, B, C, & K: Vitamins are essential for all living creatures. It is essential for growth and survival. Guava is packed with vitamins that are necessary for the health of your furry friend.

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Wrapping Up

Guavas are safe and nutritious for your dog. Guava provides your dog with the needed carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Guava has a high sugar content; therefore, your dog needs to consume it in moderate quantities. This exotic fruit is entirely safe for dogs, and they are a great treat for your dog.

Remember to always consult a veterinarian.

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Can Dogs Eat Guava

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