Should I Give My Dog Cherries or Not

can dogs eat cherries

When you are eating cherries, and your dog is watching, what do you do? When he is watching with that sweet look just begging for a bite or more than a few, what do you do? There is nothing wrong with wanting to give your dog the very best. But in your effort to go above and beyond, sometimes you can do more harm than good.

Are Cherries a Great Dog Food?

No way! Of course, there are many vitamins in a cherry. Vitamin C and Vitamin A are truly beneficial, not only to dogs but to humans as well. In addition, there are a lot of antioxidants and phytochemicals like melatonin that can benefit your dog. However, not everything is just healthy for a dog when it comes to cherries!

can dogs eat cherries

On the contrary, cherries include cyanide. This substance can be poisonous when consumed in large quantities. Apparently, eating just a few cherries once every fortnight cannot lead to catastrophe. Still, this is not risk worth taking.

What Other Precautions Can I Have in Mind?

Are you 100% sure that you want your dog to eat cherries? Even then, you should not treat them like you would a human friend. Instead, you should make sure that you have prepared them thoroughly. This means no pits, stems or even leaves. OK, nobody would eat leaves or even stems, but many people think that pits, are really beneficial.

What Other Fruit Can I Give My Dog?

If you are really trying to find the best fruit for a dog, then this would probably be the apple. It is really tasty and sweet, without having any potentially hazardous substance. So instead of feeding your dog cherries, you can substitute for apples. Alternatively, blueberries are great. They are packed in antioxidants and really sweet. They do not have pits and they are much less dangerous for your canine.

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Fruit Dog Treats

Don’t you want to deprive your dog from the flavor and aroma of fruit? Maybe you want your canine to try out all flavors and see the reactions. It is great that you want to offer everything to your dog, but there needs to be some common sense in that.

A great option is the Nutro Crunchy treats.  They are made with healthy whole grains, such as whole brown rice and oatmeal. Artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are never added and your dog will enjoy the delicious flavor of real blueberries, cranberries and cherries

It is great that some dog treats have aromas and flavors of all fruits. For instance, there are crunchy biscuits that have been especially designed to meet the needs of canines. With all natural ingredients, they offer an out of the ordinary and really delectable treat.

Bottom Line

Cherries are great fruits for humans. They fight inflammation, they are antioxidants, and they can help with various other health issues. But if there was a yes or no question as to whether or not you should give your dog cherries, this should be a no. There are many other food options, equally healthy and tasty!

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