Can Dogs Eat Bananas

can dogs eat bananas

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?


Bananas are deliciously sweet, loaded with energy and essential nutrients, and come in their natural wrapper – the perfect go-to snack. Bananas make a great choice if you are after a healthy, fat-free, and low-calorie snack.

The question, however, remains, is this popular human food good for your dogs? So can dogs eat bananas?

Experts say bananas are an excellent treat for your dog.

Yes, dogs can eat bananas. They are low in cholesterol and packed in nutrients that will boost your dog’s health system. Your dog may not utilize all the nutrients from the banana, all in all, bananas are a good and motivating snack.

As for puppies, you should check with your veterinarian as puppies require a specific diet.

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What Are The Benefits Of Bananas For Dogs?

Your dog needs a properly balanced diet, with 90% of the diet consisting of dog food. Occasionally, a treat for your pet once in a while is encouraged, especially if it’s a healthy snack. For a healthy snack, fruits and vegetables are recommended, and bananas are a great choice.

Bananas are generally inexpensive and are all-year-round fruit. The delicacy acts as an excellent source of essential vitamins, fiber, magnesium, and Biotin, which are essential for your dog’s health.

Below are some of the benefits of essential nutrients in bananas:

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Fiber: Bananas have a higher fiber content that is necessary for your dog’s diet. Fiber helps in the intestinal tract by maintaining proper digestion and resolving constipation.

Magnesium: Helps strengthen bones and helps the body utilize vitamins effectively.

Potassium: Important for proper heart function and regulation of fluid levels.

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Biotin: Supports muscle movement and promotes healthy skin with improved coat quality.

Vitamin B6: Supports amino acid metabolism, neurotransmitters in your dog’s body, and critical coenzyme for brain functions.

How Many Bananas Should My Dog Eat?

If your dog fancies a banana treat, giving them in large amounts may cause problems. Bananas contain lots of sugars, probably the reason most dogs love them.

Bananas should be an occasional treat and not a full course meal regularly. If the intake is not regulated, it may lead to diabetes and obesity. Following a feeding schedule will help minimize the risks.

Half a banana a day for the big dogs and small pieces for the small ones is advisable.

How To Feed Bananas To Your Dog?

After breaking down the math on the right amount of bananas needed in your dog’s dietary needs and weight, here are ways you can feed bananas to your dog:

Frozen bananas: On hot summer days, get the banana, peel it, cut it into smaller pieces, and give it directly to your dog. It is easy to prepare and will act as a refreshing cold treat.

Mashed bananas: Mash the bananas and mix them with the dog’s food. Mashed bananas will increase the flavor of the food, and your dog will enjoy the regular meal.

Squashed bananas in toys: Squash bananas and stuff them in toys like a puzzle feeder. This will help kick boredom and help with mental stimulation as your dog feeds.

A Banana Treat Recipe For Dogs:

There are plenty of recipes for dog treats online but here is a favorite of my dog. Mix your bananas with peanut butter and yogurt. Your dog is sure to love it. Just remember that this is a treat and should only be given to them on occasions.

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Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels?

can dogs eat banana peels

Banana peels are not toxic to your dog in any way. However, they contain a very concentrated amount of fiber that may cause digestion difficulties.

The outer skin may induce vomiting or even cause an intestinal blockage in the stomach or intestines. Such instances would require immediate vet attention and may even lead to surgeries.

Are Banana Chips Safe For My Dog?

Like bananas, banana chips are lightweight and provide robust energy boosts when your dog needs a snack. They are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins. They will help ease a dog’s stomach by providing a low-calorie energy boost.

Banana chips are commercially available and have a high sugar content with added preservatives; hence consider dehydrated flakes that don’t have those ingredients. You may also check out a recipe and prepare homemade banana chips.

The chips are for treats only; too many banana chips may cause stomach upsets.

What Are The Symptoms Of Feeding Your Dog Too Many Bananas?

sick dog

In the event that your dog is having difficulty when passing stool, then there is a possibility that you give them unnecessary amount of bananas. In addition, they can also experience diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

For those who have acquired hyperkalemia, your dogs can collapse unexpectedly. They can also appear disoriented and weak.

When looking for signs of banana overdose, make sure to watch your pets intently. Panting, dilated pupils, yelping, and restlessness are some prevalent signs of discomfort. In case your dog is showing some signs of discomfort, call the help of your veterinary immediately.

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Bananas should only be given as a treat. It should never be your alternative to a healthy and balanced diet. Large and medium-sized dogs should only be given with half of the average-size banana.

Puppies and smaller breeds should eat only 2-3 small pieces of bananas. In case you have an active dog, you can probably give them more but always consult your veterinarian.

While bananas are considered good for our furry friends, they should never be given in excess. Dehydrated banana is a better treat compared to the commercially manufactured treats.

The high amount of carbohydrates and sugar will provide our dogs with the energy to stay active. It is also packed with minerals and vitamins that allow them to achieve a healthy and strong body.


Fruits are beneficial to humans and can be too many for our canine companions. They act as a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It would help if you also remembered that the canine body also differs from yours; hence your dog needs to consume fruits in moderation.

Consulting with your veterinarian before trying a new feed is advisable as they will help with serving the food based on the dog’s age and size. If you are after a healthy alternative to commercial pet treats, your canine’s relationship with bananas will be a fruitful one.

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