Bath Loving “Barry the Builder” Pug

bath loving barry the builder pug fi

This pug REALLY gets into enjoying a bath!

Some dogs will fight and do all they can to avoid bath time. However, one little pug seriously enjoys his baths to the extent it’s entertaining to watch.

Barry, the pug, lives in Sydney, Australia with his family, the Stantons. His dad, David Stanton, is a builder and features Barry on his podcast shows on the “how-to’s” of building. 

Barry is not only the mascot for “Dave’s Building Tips,” but he is also a fixture around the shop. Where Dave goes, Barry goes. They are two peas in a pod!

Along with five human siblings, Barry also shares the house with his canine sister, Padmae, who is also a pug.

Padmae is more refined and stays out of the limelight of the building business. Barry loves the attention and spoiling that he gets from his dad, especially at bath time.

Nothing compares to the spa treatment of having a bath in a big ole sink. Barry lays back while his dad uses the spray nozzles to wash him down. 

To watch this pug relax and fully take in the experience is like watching butter melt!

Before Barry knew it, bath time was over as the big towel appeared over his head and body to dry off with a towel.

We bet that afterward, this relaxed little pug headed off for a nice quiet nap!

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