A Few Things You’d Like to Know About the Pug Breed!

A Few Things You’d Like to Know About the Pug Breed! FEATURED

Originated from China, the Pug is a toy dog breed that has gained worldwide popularity.

A Few Things You’d Like to Know About the Pug Breed!

Known for their distinctive features—a wrinkly and short-muzzled face and a curly tail, the pugs makes a good companion dog that is known to be gentle, friendly as well as sociable.

The pug breed was brought to Europe from China and in the 19th century, the breed won over Queen Victoria’s heart and has been a popular one till date.

In this article, I’ll share a few things about the pug breed that you may want to know.

So, if you’re a pug-lover you should read on to know more.

facts about the pug breed

Let’s begin, shall we?

Is the Pug The RIGHT Choice for You?

I feel that you can give your 100% to a dog only when your personality traits and lifestyle are compatible.

After all, you want to give your dog the best of everything, right?

A pug may be the right companion for you if you want the following things in your doggy friend:

where do pugs come from

However, there are a few things you need to know before you make your decision.

A pug may not be the right choice for you if you don’t want the following things:

It is very important for you to consider everything before you make a final decision as once you get a dog, there’s no going back.

are pugs good family pets

A dog is a long-term commitment.

Moving on.

A Little About the Pug Breed!

The pug has a comical face—big and dark eyes with wrinkles around them and a flat face which is rather adorable and has won over a lot of hearts.

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The name ‘Pug’ finds its origins in Latin which roughly translates into ‘fist’ because the dog’s face resembles a human fist.

Pugs love getting attention from their humans and are playful dogs that are ready to play 24/7 but still, carry themselves with dignity.

These dogs are full of energy but can get lethargic if they gain weight.

are pugs intelligent

However, they get heartsick if ignored or left alone for a long period of time.

These dogs are known to be intelligent but are rather hard to train because they’re willful at the same time.

If socialized at the right time, these dogs do amazingly well with other pets as well as people and get along with small children as well!

So, they’re an ideal choice for a young family.

Pugs don’t do too well with weathers that are too hot or too cold and prefer to stay indoors during summers and winters.

However, the short double-coated dog makes quite a mess everywhere it goes as it sheds throughout the year.

are pugs active dogs

So you better invest in a good vacuum cleaner!

Final Words

The pug is a cute, smart, friendly, and energetic dog who loves all the attention that it gets.

However, the breed is known to face a lot of medical issues as they grow up because of genetic deformities and needs constant medical care.

This dog does rather well in small apartments or large homes and gets along with small children, people, and other pets. 

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