All About The Chihuahua Breed



Chihuahua is one toy dog that many dog owners adore.

They have an intense affection and loyalty to their owners.

However, he is quite reserved around people unknown to him and may show some aggression when around other dogs.

Despite this, they get along very well with other domestic pets.

While some Chihuahuas are very brave and act as if they have the ability to take on the world, others are very shy and timid.

Whatever the case, Chihuahua dog breeds are quite protective of their masters and other family members.

History/ Origin

The Chihuahua breed comes from South America and is native to Mexico; this is how the dog gets its name from the state of Chihuahua.

This is the oldest breed of dog in the American continent and as well as the smallest dog breed in the world.

Chihuahua was believed to be sacred to pre-Columbia Indians.

There is a debate that this dog came from China about 200 years ago.

DNA suggests that it is of old world origin. But the well-known fact is that the dog has a long history in Mexico.

With links to the Toltec breed, which are a little bigger dogs and whose history dates back to the 2nd century B C.


A typical Chihuahua weighs 3 to 6 pounds.

Although there are Chihuahuas that are smaller, they tend not to be very healthy.

Chihuahua can as well be oversize, with few weighing up to 12 or more pounds.

They can grow up to 15 inches. This breed has both long hair and short hair Chihuahua.

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And the dog is classified into the tiny toy small dog size category. They have a well-rounded head and a short pointed muzzle.


Chihuahua dogs are very territorial and can be very protective.

With a temperament that can be easily provoked.

This dog, although small in size, needs good and strong leadership from human, this dog is a pack dog and needs you to be the pack leader.

Chihuahua often bond to a person, though they are generally willing to make friends with new people if they are introduced properly.

However, expect them to be a bit reserved at first.

Chihuahua can be shy if they are not socialized properly as puppies.

Like all dogs, Chihuahua needs an early socialization – exposure to many different people, sounds, places of interest, and experiences – when they are young.

Socialization helps ensure your Chihuahua puppy grows up to be a pleasing dog.

Chihuahua actually prefers the owner company to that of other dogs. Think about that.

Most dogs will continue to play together when the owners call. Most children will continue to play when mothers call.

But your Chihuahua will stop, ask if you really mean it, and then jump into your arms!

Chihuahua prefers snuggled next to you than pursuing a butterfly.


The breed has few health problems that owners must be aware.

They have a very short nose that makes them snore and sneeze. Because their eyes are very large, they are prone to corneal dryness.

Other common health problems include colds, gum problems, stress, and rheumatism.

Make sure you do not over-feed Chihuahua because they gain weight very easily.

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