Can Dogs Eat Cheerios

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios

Cheerios have been around for generations. They are well-known as a low-sugar and heart-healthy breakfast food option that everyone in the family can enjoy. However, does that include your four-legged family members?

A lot of pet owners like to give their animal sweet rewards like Cheerios. While these cereal rings are tasty, they also contain unhealthy ingredients like grains, sugar and carbs. Plus, they can lead to urinary tract infection & allergies

The short answer is, “No, you probably shouldn’t.”

Let’s take a deeper look into why Cheerios are so wonderful for humans to eat but, why they are not recommended for pooch consumption.

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios

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First of all, Cheerios are not necessarily labeled as a “dangerous” food for dogs. In fact, this popular breakfast cereal is used as a training treat by many dog trainers simply to change up the dog’s normal treats and also because dogs seem to enjoy their crunch!

So, while dogs technically can have the occasional Cheerio treat, they should not consume them in large quantities or frequency.

Cheerios act as low-grade filler for our canine companions. Dogs are carnivores after all and should be consuming a great deal of fresh, natural, and high-quality proteins every day.

By providing a dog with Cheerios (especially in large quantities or frequency) it is the equivalent of feeding them a poorly made dog kibble that is stuffed with non-beneficial fillers.

Their daily diet should significantly consist of high-quality protein sources (both in their daily kibble and their treats).

Cheerios are a mass produced food for humans and that means that they are made with processed ingredients. Processed foods are not really a great option for anyone but, certainly not your dog. Try to avoid giving him anything that uses artificial colors, preservatives, or other additives as they serve no nutritional benefit to your dog.

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Overall, Cheerios as an occasional training treat are not going to harm your pooch, but they are not going to benefit him either. They are never meant to be given as a meal for your pooch and if possible, should be avoided. High-quality and high-protein kibble and treats are much better options!

Good Alternatives

We recommend getting your pet something more healthy, such as apples, carrots, small amount of peanut butter, potatoes, or yams and maybe some plain popcorn. Beef or venison jerky is also good but if your dog is on a protein restricted diet, then I recommend speaking to the vet first.

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