Can Dogs Eat Potatoes

can dogs eat potatoes

As a concerned dog owner, no doubts that you want your pooch to garner all the benefits of a nutritious diet. The simple potato offers several nutrients including Vitamin C, B-6, Iron, magnesium, and starch. Your dog will benefit from a regular meal of potatoes.

can dogs eat potatoes

We eat potatoes cooked in all forms including deep-fried, baked, mashed and much more. For dogs, you only require to boil or bake them until soft.  Giving your dog a potato is harmless; however, there are various elements to consider before feeding it.

Most dog owners worry about white potatoes since they belong to the nightshade family.

Sweet potatoes and yams are better than white potatoes and also more nutritious and appropriate for dogs. This does not mean you cannot feed your dog with the vegetable, but before giving it potatoes, you must learn more about the food.

Is Potatoes Safe for My Dog?

Yes, when they are adequately cooked and given in moderation. It is critical to ensure that the starchy vegetables are thoroughly prepared to minimize solanine, which can cause a lot of problems.

Tomatoes and eggplants, which belong to the nightshade family also, have the toxic compound. It affects the nervous system of the dog. High temperatures neutralize this compound efficiently; thus your pooch is always safe.

How to Prepare the Potatoes For My Dog

When preparing the vegetables, wash, peel, boil or bake them until soft. It should not have anything added to it, including salt or spices. Ensure that they are cooked to completion to reduce the risk of digestive issues.

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Additionally, feeding your dog mashed potatoes is very questionable since they contain cheese, salt, milk or butter. Potato chips and French fries are also discouraged because they have a lot of oil. 

Dogs are Carnivorous They Need Meat

White Potatoes are high in carbs, and if your buddy is not active, it will be difficult to burn the extra calories. Dogs can become obese or diabetic, or develop other health issues.

All things said, canines are not vegetarians, and they are designed to get all their nutrients from meat protein and not from vegetables. Therefore, keep potatoes as a complementary food, not as the main course.

Moreover, there are different healthier options to white potatoes. Consider feeding your pooch sweet potatoes or yams.

can dogs eat sweet potatoes

They are more beneficial and superior. You will find hundreds of tested recipes that provide additional nutrients such as potassium and calcium.

Final Word

Overall, dogs can eat potatoes but make sure your pooch has no problem digesting the meal. The secret to the longevity and happiness of the dog starts with choices you make.

Minimizing your potato intake and supplementing with yams or sweet potatoes is okay.

Vegetables are great healthy foods, they should add to an existing diet with the right balance of nutrients. Remember to take it slow.

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