Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes

What Are Tomatoes


So, can my dog eat tomatoes? Let’s take a look at some info about tomatoes before we answer that question.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular produce options for us to eat! They provide our bodies with a long list of essential vitamins and nutrients.

It is no wonder why we have been consuming them in our salads, sauces, and sandwiches for generations!

Tomatoes are a Nightshade vegetable which are part of the Solanaceae plant family, which contains well over 2,000 different species!

Nightshade vegetables can sometimes be poisonous for pets

However, are they safe for our canine companions to consume, too? 

Let’s check out these red berry-like fruits and find out if they are beneficial to our pups!

Can My Dog Have Tomatoes

In short, “yes” dogs can eat tomatoes.

However, it is important that owners have all of the information before they offer one to their pooch.

The tomatoes that are safe for dogs to eat will be ripe. They should not eat green tomatoes (even if you enjoy them).

Ripe tomatoes are an orange-red hue and may provide your pooch with nutrients that could help him live longer.

The deeper red the tomato is, the safer it should be for your pooch to eat!

Tomatoes (even ripe ones) should never be given to a dog in excess. Remember, everything in moderation!

If you are going to offer your dog some tomatoes do so slowly and with very small pieces.

Some dogs have been known to have a negative reaction to them. They could be allergic, dislike them or the tomatoes could cause stomach upset.

Potential negative reactions to tomatoes include:

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If your pooch experiences any of the above-listed symptoms after consuming a tomato then it is important that you call (or drive to) the veterinarian immediately!

If you give your dog a small piece and he does not have a negative reaction then you should be in the clear to give him more small bits, sparingly.

Remember that “long list” of nutritional benefits that we mentioned earlier? Well, here is the explanation!

Eating tomatoes are thought to help our bodies fight off cancer cells, and even help our bodies defend against diseases.

They very well may do the same for our pups, although it remains unclear

Tomatoes are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C. 

They also contain antioxidants!

As nutritionally beneficial as tomatoes are, they should only be offered occasionally to avoid diarrhea and other digestive issues that could be caused by their acidity.

Are there any reasons to avoid giving tomatoes to my dog?

The tomatoes themselves are okay for dogs to eat as long as they are ripe.

However, your dog should not be allowed to consume any part of the tomato plant.

Tomato plants are part of the nightshade family which is incredibly dangerous to our furry friends.

The plants contain Tomatine and Solanine which are considered toxic to dogs. The best way to feed your dog tomatoes is by:

Overall, tomatoes themselves are fine for your dog to eat once in a while.

They should be red, ripe, and their green parts (stems, plant, and leaves) should be removed prior to doggie consumption.

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Dogs should not eat tomatoes on a daily basis or in high quantities as their acidity could cause stomach upset.

If a dog eats any part of the tomato plant he should be rushed to the animal hospital immediately!

What are your thoughts on feeding your dog tomatoes?


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