Can Dogs Eat Bread? Bread: A Bummer for Dogs

can dogs eat bread

Bread is in almost every household and is a staple in our diet.

 Unfortunately, bread is chocked full of carbs and has very little nutritional value. If it’s bad for us, it’s got to be bad for our dogs, right?

A slice of bread is not toxic for dogs, but because of the high carbs and a few ingredients in it, we recommend a better alternative to give your dog that is healthier.

Who Doesn’t Love Bread?

There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread. Well, maybe there is…having a slice of that freshly baked bread with butter on it!

Dogs, like us, love bread and of course will never turn down a chance to have a bite or two of it.

We will unpackage the ingredients in bread and how it affects your dog.

The Basics of Bread

Plain white bread ingredients are broken down below, and those ingredients that are toxic or bad for dogs are indicated.

Note that breads containing raisins or nuts should never be given to dogs.

Corn Syrup: Form of Sugar. Sugars are not good for dogs

Salt: Salt is not good for dogs, and too much will cause salt poisoning

Mono Diglycerides: Two oils. Not healthy for dogs because of fat content

Yeast Extract: Highly toxic for dogs (this is MSG)

Azodicarbonamide: Highly toxic to dogs. Also used in rubber products

Other Ingredients:

Whey, Wheat, Flour, Water, Calcium, Carbonate, Soy Flour, Sodium, Stearoyl Lactylate, Barley, MaltVitamin D3, Vinegar, Soybean, Oil, Wheat, Gluten, Datem, Calcium, Propionate, Calcium, Sulfate, Monocalcium, Phosphate, Yeast, Nutrients, Enzymes, Sorbic Acid, Wheat Starch, Calcium Dioxide, Ferrous Sulfate, B Vitamins, Soy, Lecithin.

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Bread Dough – HIGHLY TOXIC

Bread dough should never be given to dogs, and in the event, your dog has consumed bread dough, contact your vet immediately!

Both humans and animals should never consume any amount of raw bread dough.

The yeast in the dough causes it to expand when in a warm environment. If ingested, the dough will literally rise and expand in the stomach.

In dogs, the expanding dough causes bloat which is fatal if not treated immediately. Bloat is medically termed, “Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus.”

A dog’s stomach traps the flow of gas and contents of the stomach by twisting.

 This is referred to as “torsion.” Once torsion sets in, stomach contents, gas, and liquid becomes trapped. This trapped region now becomes a “volvulus.”

black chihuahua laying on bed

The volvulus becomes inflated more and more just like a balloon. This is referred to as “dilatation.”

Bloat sets off a host of serious issues, not to mention extreme pain and discomfort. It does not resolve on its own and requires surgery in order for the dog to survive.

Additionally, bread dough that is ingested by dogs has alcohol that is produced from the fermenting yeast.

This alcohol is rapidly absorbed into the dogs bloodstream resulting in alcohol poisoning.

dozens of bread

 If not treated immediately, the dog may have a seizure and/or quit breathing.

Final Take On Bread

With consideration of the ingredients that are toxic or bad for dogs in addition to the high carb content, bread should not be given to your dog regularly, but a slice here or there is not harmful.

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