Can Dogs Eat Mango


Many pet owners become curious about what human foods are safe for their four-legged friends and which ones can be harmful.

After all, if something is healthy for us, then it must be a healthy option for them too right?

Wrong! There is an extensive list of people foods that our pets should never consume.

Many of these foods can cause severe health problems for our pets and may even become fatal.

However, some people foods are in fact safe for our pets to share with us. One of these safe items is a mango.

can dogs eat mango

Fresh mangoes, as well as dried mangoes, should be safe for your pup to eat as long as the proper measures are taken.

Also, dried mangoes may have additives such as added sugar which should not be given to a dog.

To avoid accidentally giving your pooch additives you should look for 100% natural dried mangoes with no additives, or you can always make them yourself!

Be forewarned that there are some things to know before you toss your pooch a whole Mango.

One of the most significant aspects to be aware of is whether or not mangoes are safe for puppies.

Mangoes themselves are fine for a puppy to snack on. However, they should be properly prepared (as described below) and should be given in small amounts to avoid diarrhea or choking.

Parts of the Mango your dog cannot eat! 

It is vital that you correctly prepare the mango before offering it to your pooch. One of the first things you should beforehand is to peel the mango.

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The skin of this delicious fruit is not necessarily poisonous to your canine companion, but it can create problems with his digestive system.

So, it is best to avoid it. The next thing you should do to prepare the mango for consumption by your pup is to slice it.

Slicing the mango is especially important if you own a small dog breed or if your pooch is still in his puppy months.

The slices will also help him not to engulf the entire mango potentially causing him to choke.

Once the mango is sliced, remove any seeds or pits from the inside. The pit of the mango can quickly become a choking hazard.

If your pooch were to swallow it (and avoid choking on it), then it will surely cause a blockage or obstruction further down the digestive tract. Thus, leading to horrible digestive problems.

The seeds inside of a mango just like that of an avocado are also a problem and should never be given to your pup.

Seeds from a mango (as with most fruit seeds) contain a trace amount of cyanide.

Cyanide is very dangerous and poisonous for our canine companions to ingest and can lead to death for the pooch.

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