Can Dogs Eat Fish Sticks

can dogs eat fish sticks

Fish sticks make a fantastic snack.

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, fish sticks are a hit with people of all ages.

They’re my guilty pleasure, and I love to have them with some French fries when I’m feeling down.

And, as always, my dog makes a little puddle of drool as he watches me eat them.

Looking up human food before feeding it to your furry friend is always a good idea—you may never know what’s toxic to your dog!

can i give my dog fish sticks

In this post, I would like to answer the question, “Can dogs eat fish sticks?” in as much detail as possible.

Let’s get started!

Can Dogs Eat Fish?

Yes, dogs can eat fish.

In fact, there are some fish-based dog food options available on the market as well.

Fish is rich in micronutrients and high in protein.

A good thing about feeding your dog some fish is that he or she will benefit from the mega-3 fatty acids and they are a great source of protein.

Fish is also good for some dogs that have limited options on what they can eat due to certain food allergies.

It also helps keep your furry friend’s coat healthy and shiny.

is it safe to give my dog fish sticks

So, fish in itself is entirely healthy for your dog to consume!

If you are going to feed your dog canned fish just be sure that it doesn’t contain high amounts of salt.

Types of Fish That Are Safe for Dogs

While some fish are toxic to humans and dogs alike, there are some that have significant health benefits.

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Commonly found fishes in dog foods include salmon, pike, flounder, arctic char, herring, whitefish, walleye, lake whitefish, and ocean whitefish.

If you wish to serve your dog some tasty fish as a treat, you can grill, bake, or steam fish for your furry friend!

It is best to prepare fish separately for your dog and not add seasonings such as herbs, salt, and pepper.

alternatives of fish sticks for dogs

Also, greasing options such as oil, oil sprays, and butter must be avoided.

It is best to keep the recipe as plain and as simple as possible to avoid any adverse side effects.

A lot of processing will adversely affect your pet’s health.

Other than that…

Keep in mind that fish bones can wreak havoc on your dog’s system—they can cause internal tearing, intestinal blockage, and a bleeding rectum!

So, always buy boneless fish fillets and double-check them for bone fragments before feeding it to your puppy!

What About Fish Sticks? Are They Safe for Dogs?

While fish is entirely safe for dogs to eat and has several health benefits, fish sticks aren’t safe for dogs.

why fish sticks are dangerous for dogs

I’ll explain why.

Fish sticks are breaded and may contain seasonings that may be toxic to your doggy friend.

Another thing is that fish sticks contain a lot of salt and excessive consumption of salt may lead to sodium poisoning in dogs!

Frozen fish sticks aren’t a good idea either.

Not only do they contain excessive salt and harmful seasoning, but they also have preservatives that may not agree with your dog’s system.

It is always a good idea to keep things plain and simple.

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Bottom Line: Can Dogs Eat Fish Sticks?

While dogs can consume fish in small quantities, they can’t have fish sticks!

why you shouldn't give your dog fish sticks

The thing is that fish sticks contain seasonings that might be unsuitable or even toxic for your dog to eat.

Not just that, store-bought frozen fish chips contain preservatives and salt which may cause your dog to have an aversive reaction.

Instead of fish chips, feed your dog some yummy treats that he would enjoy.

It is always a good idea to consult a vet before making any tweaks or adjustments to your dog’s diet.

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