Pure Balance Dog Food Review: Is It Worth It

pure balance dog food review

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PureBalance is a brand you’ve probably seen at your local food mart.

We want to review the Pure Balance dog food so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to your furry friends.

This premium dog food brand is available in different stores all over the country but, you can find them on some online stores as well.

This range of premium dog food includes healthy and simple foods made from premium ingredients at an affordable and budget-friendly price.

The line offers grain-free as well as grain-inclusive foods.

The good thing about the brand is that they don’t use wheat, corn, or soy which is fantastic.

In this article, I’ll share my PureBalance dog food review and help you figure out whether or not this kibble is worth your money.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Let’s begin.

Pure Balance Dog Food



Venison & Pea

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Salmon & Pea Recipe

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Lamb & Brown Rice

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Chicken & Brown Rice

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The Analysis of Ingredients Used to Make Pure Balance Dog Food

Pure Balance Wild & Free Bison, Pea & Venison Recipe Food for Dogs 24lbs

When analyzing the Pure Balance dog food line as a whole by the quality of ingredients used to make it, it comes out to be an average dog food line.

The kibble contains chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, brewers rice, peas, poultry fat, rice bran, beet pulp and dried egg which are all acceptable ingredients.

Beet pulp is one of the most controversial ingredients used.

Beet pulp is a byproduct of sugar beet processing and is high in fiber.

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While some believe that beet pulp is nothing but a cheap filler ingredient, others believe that it is good for intestinal health and has blood sugar benefits.

The dog food also contains the following notable ingredients:

Flax seeds: They are good to plant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. If they’re first ground into the meal, they are rich sources of soluble fiber as well. They are also high in protein

Sunflower oil: High in Omega-6 fatty acids, sunflower oil, helps maintain the dog’s coat and skin. The oil is also resistant to heat damage during the cooking process

Dried peas: They are rich in dietary fiber and good sources of carbohydrates. They are also high in protein

Probiotics: After processing, the surface of the kibble is sprinkled with friendly bacteria that aid the process of digestion and keep the dog’s gut healthy and happy

Minerals: The range of dog food contains chelated minerals that are chemically attached to the protein which makes them easier to absorb. This ingredient is found in the best dog foods All in all, the Pure Balance dog food range has good-quality ingredients and some premium ingredients that ensure the dog’s health.

Macros and the Content of Meat in the Food

In this section of the blog post, I’ll go through the average Marcos and the average content of meat in the Pure Balance food line to give you a fair idea of what you’re investing in.

The Macronutrients in Pure Balance Dog Food

The breakdown of macros is one of the most important things you should look for when buying a new brand of dog food for your furry friend.

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Following is the estimated dry matter content of nutrients:

30% of protein which is near-average

17% of fat which is near-average

45% of carbohydrates which is near-average

These macros are good for dogs that need a lot of energy such as active working dogs, larger breeds, etc.

The Content of Meat in Pure Balance Dog Food

Pure Balance dog food contains a moderate amount of meat.

Plant-based ingredients such as flax seeds, dried peas, and pea protein have a protein-boosting effect on the kibble.

This means that even though the level of protein the dog food is on the higher side, it doesn’t contain a lot of protein from animal sources.

A moderate amount of meat is good for some breeds that aren’t muscular or need a protein-rich diet.

Dog Playing Tug of War

Product Lines from Pure Balance Dog Food

In this section of the blog post, I will go through the main product lines that Pure Balance Dog Food has to offer.

Let’s take a look.

Pure Balance Grain Free Dog Food

This product line is free from grains and a good choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

This means that the dog food doesn’t contain filler ingredients such as wheat, corn, or soy, making it a premium product.

This makes the dog food an above-average one as it follows higher quality standards.

Pure Balance 95% Dog Food

The canned food from the brand is one of the cheapest options available. The grain-free premium formula comes in the following recipes:


Chicken and Beef

Chicken and Turkey

High-quality ingredients are used to make this dog food, and it contains high levels of protein as well.

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Pure Balance Dry Dog Food

This recipe is corn-free and uses brewer and brown as the source of carbohydrates.

Rice is a filler ingredient but, it has more nutritional value when compared to corn. So, this comes out to be average dog food.

Pure Balance Canned Dog Food

Similar to the 95% product, it contains premium ingredients and costs less than other canned dog foods.

The can have the word “Stew” written on it which differentiates the two lines.

Availability of Pure Balance Dog Food

The range of Pure Balance dog foods is available on Amazon. There are many options to choose from. See table below

Pure Balance Dog Food



Venison & Pea

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Salmon & Pea Recipe

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Lamb & Brown Rice

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Chicken & Brown Rice

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Final Words: Pure Balance Dog Food Review

The Pure Balance dog food line is an average one regarding the ingredients used.

It contains a large number of common ingredients except for a few notable ones.

The kibble is a good choice for those looking for cheap yet nutritious dog food for their furry friend.

The average macros on the dog food are near-average but, they depend from line to line.

So, you’ll have to look into them for a better estimate. The dog food also contains a moderate amount of meat on average.

All in all, this dog food a value for the money. 

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