Can Dogs Eat Eggplant


“Yes and no, find out why.”

You will find the eggplants, neatly tucked in the produce section untouched, because people harbor numerous misconceptions about the plant.

can dogs eat eggplants

Some say that it is flavorless or spicy. On the contrary, it is a delicious vegetable with lots of health benefits and nutrients.

Canines seem to love the eggplant, but before we share this healthy food with our dogs, we need to find out if it is appropriate for them.

If you are ready to feed your dog, a hefty plate of leftover eggplants, stop and take some precautions.

It belongs to the nightshade family, which can cause allergic reactions in both humans and dogs.

However, feeding the animal, small portions of the vegetable is not harmful.

Can I Give My Dog Eggplants?

Despite what people say, feed your dog eggplant as long as it is not allergic to the plant.

If you have never fed your dog with an eggplant before, it is essential to serve them with a small amount, and monitor their reaction afterward.

In case, they display signs on an allergic reaction.

Why are Eggplants Good for Dogs?

Dogs that show no reactions to the plant stand to gain from its various nutrients including vitamins and minerals.

The plant is low in fats and calories.

Thus, it is suitable as an attractive treat. Additionally, it is an excellent source of fiber, which is beneficial for the digestive tract.

Things to Remember when Sharing Eggplants with Your Dog

Never Overfeed your Dog with Eggplants

Preparing the eggplant on your own is essential since you know what specific elements are in the meal.

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Some dogs prefer them raw or grilled.

How to Prepare the Eggplant

When preparing an eggplant, use ways that lessen the risk of severe reactions.

Keep it simple and ensure that you cook the eggplant thoroughly to prevent allergies.

Grilling, baking or boiling the plant is all methods that assure it is thorough.

If your canine likes the raw plant; dice the eggplant and place it in their food.

When is Eggplant Not Suitable for Your Dog?

Before introducing eggplants to the dog’s diet contact your veterinarian for advice.

Dogs with kidney problems will have difficulties after eating the plant. The high levels of oxalate in the plants worsen kidney ailments in canines.

Possible Allergic Reactions 

Feed your buddy with moderation and maintain vigilance for the following side effects: itching, stomach upsets rashes, vomiting, and diarrhea.

If your dog is hypersensitive, the best solution is to avoid eggplants all together in their diet.

Weighing in on the Nightshade Controversy

As much as eggplants belong to the nightshade family, they are not toxic or poisonous, if dogs eat only small amounts.

Its lack of toxins doesn’t mean that it is 100% safe thus observe the dog.

Bottom Line

Eggplants are nightshade spices potentially harmful to dogs, particularly those with kidney problems.

Ultimately, you decide, but don’t keep them from a delightful treat –vegetables are not the enemy.

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