Can Dogs Eat Jicama? – Safe or Unsafe

can dogs eat jicama

Jicama is a Mexican root vegetable that has found its in Farmer’s markets all over the world. 

can dogs eat jicama

This yam bean is low in calories but high in several vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, iron, calcium, etc. Jicama is also a good source of fiber and helps reduce the risk of colon cancer in humans!

But, is this safe for your doggy friend to consume?

In this article, I will answer the questions, “Can dogs eat Jicama?”  and tell you everything there is to know.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Can I Give My Dog Some Jicama?

Jicama, also known as yam bean, is a Mexican root vegetable which is gaining popularity all over the world because it is rich in fiber, amazing in taste, and is loaded with micronutrients while being low in calories.

Jicama works wonders on those who are constipated.

Yes, you can give your dog some Jicama but only certain parts of it.

While the flesh of this vegetable is safe for your dog to consume, the seeds, skin, stem, and leaves are toxic to dogs as they may contain rotenone. These parts may also have traces of the pesticides used which are toxic to dogs.

So, make sure that your dog only consumes the flesh.

It is always a good idea to call up your vet and ask whether or not your dog can consume a particular vegetable or fruit. So, I recommend that you clear anything new that you introduce to your pet’s diet with your vet.

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After all, the aim is to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Does Jicama Have any Health Benefits for My Dog?

Jicama has a lot of health benefits for dogs as well as for humans.

In fact, if your dog needs to eat food that is rich in fiber then, Jicama should be the first thing that comes to your mind. Also, if you want your dog to poop less, this awesome vegetable is the answer to your problem.

Jicama along with pumpkin and spaghetti squash can help naturally regulate your dog’s digestive system.

High fiber isn’t the only benefit for your dog.

french bulldog

Jicama is rich in potassium, iron, and Vitamin C which help in keeping your dog’s digestive system healthy and strong. It also supports your dog’s immune system.

This low-calorie treat will help keep the weight off your furry friend and safeguard him from health issues such as diabetes and pancreatitis as it does not cause a spike in one’s blood sugar.

Jicama is an excellent source of nutrition for your dog but isn’t something your doggy friend NEEDS in his diet. Your dog gets all the nutrition he needs from his kibble.

Final Words: Is Jicama Safe for My Dog to Eat?

Certain parts of this Mexican root vegetable are safe for your dog to eat.

But, always remember that moderation is key.

The flesh of the bulb of this vegetable is safe for your dog to consume. However, the seeds, skin, stem, and leaves are toxic to dogs as they may contain rotenone.

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You must immediately contact the vet if your dog consumes these toxic parts.

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