Can Dogs Eat Turmeric

can dogs eat turmeric

Wondering If You Can Give Your Dog Some Turmeric?


Before we discuss whether or not you can give your dog turmeric, let us first find out a little about the spice.

can dogs eat turmeric

Turmeric is part of the ginger family, turmeric has been used in East India and the Middle East for thousands of years. it is considered a highly prized spice around the world.

No one really knows if it was actually used for it’s flavor when it was first discovered.

Turmeric adds a peppery flavor to foods as well as a nice kick.

So the question is ” Can I Give my Dog Turmeric”

The problem is that dogs are a completely different species than humans (duh-uh) and thus, some human foods aren’t really compatible with dogs and can even wreak havoc on your doggy friend’s system. 

The benefits of turmeric supplements for humans don’t necessarily mean that they are good for our furry friends.

So, when in doubt, always look a dog food up before you just go ahead and feed your dog just about anything.

Your doggy may have to pay a hefty price for your innocent mistake.

In this article, I’ll answer the question, “Can dogs eat turmeric?” in as much detail as possible.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Let’s begin!

Yes or No: Can I Feed My Dog Some Turmeric?

The straightforward answer to the question, “Can dogs eat turmeric?” is yes, they can!

Although it is highly uncommon for dog owners to feed their dogs the herb, it actually has several health benefits for your doggy friend!

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You can simply add a little bit of turmeric to your doggy friend’s food and you’ll be golden. Keep in mind the following things:

  • check​The turmeric to be used must be 100% pure and should not have any additives
  • checkThe herb needs to be added in an adequate quantity
  • checkYou must add 1/8th teaspoon of freshly ground pepper to 1 teaspoon of turmeric

Wondering what the health benefits are?

Keep reading to find out…

The Health Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Some Turmeric!

Following are the health benefits that turmeric has to offer for your doggy friend.

Let’s take a peek:

  • Pain relief: Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which are known to combat conditions such as arthritis and acts as a natural remedy for easing stiff joints
  • Dementia: Turmeric is widely used in Indian dishes and it is known that the prevalence of memory-related diseases such as dementia is lower owing to its widespread use
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The herb is known to stimulate the production of bile in the liver which, in turn, helps in the digestion of food
  • Blood Clots: Turmeric is also known to act as a blood thinner which reduces the risk of one developing blood clots while helping the body get rid of excess cholesterol as well. High levels of cholesterol don’t affect dogs as much but, blood clots can wreak havoc on your dog’s body—including heart health
  • Cancer: Studies have suggested that turmeric may be able to fight off cancer. Animal studies have shown that the herb plays a vital role in the prevention of certain cancers and even successfully shuts down blood vessels that are responsible for feeding the cancer cells
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Final Words: Can Dogs Eat Turmeric?

Yes, dogs can eat turmeric.

In fact, the herb offers certain health benefits for dogs when added adequately to the dog’s food. It helps in combating situations such as cancer, pain, blood clots etc. and keeps your dog healthy and happy.


Your dog may not initially be a fan of the turmeric in his food so make sure you start by adding small quantities of the herb and work your way up! 

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