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can dogs have celery

The Crude Goodness of Celery

can dogs eat celery

Celery has such a bad rap for being the most popular “less than desired” vegetable.

Regardless, celery is quite satisfying to chew on because of its crispy, crunchy texture.

Give Your Dog a Stalk!

Along with many other things, moderation is essential when feeding celery to your dog.

Celery will provide your dog with two treats in one; something tasty and something that satisfies his incessant need to chew.

Benefits of Celery

Feeding your dog celery is quite beneficial and nutritious!

The unassuming stalk of celery contains high levels of minerals and vitamins which include calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, Vitamin A, B, and C.


The fiber found in celery helps your dog’s digestive system providing them with more comfortable bowel movements.

Humans also benefit in the same way!

Lowers Blood Pressure

A particular element found in celery is called phthalides.

This reduces blood pressure, and relaxes the muscles that surround the arteries causing dilation.

The end result makes it easier for blood to flow throughout the body.

Lowers Cholesterol

Cholesterol is also a big plus in feeding your dog this wonder vegetable.

Celery causes your dog’s liver to release bile acid which reduces cholesterol.

Promotes Healthy Kidneys and Urinary Health

Celery is a natural diuretic which aids in urine production.

This causes your dog’s body to flush out toxins while maintaining healthy kidneys and overall urinary health.

Prevents Joint Issues

The juice found in the fibrous tissues of celery helps to decrease any potential joint problems. Older dogs can benefit from enjoying it.

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How should I give celery to my dog?

Dogs teeth are not designed like ours with the ability to crunch and chew the fibrous tissues of raw celery.

Their teeth were meant to shred and chew meat.

If you do give your dog raw celery, limit the amount to a half or whole stalk.

Monitor your dog for any fibrous strings that may get caught in the teeth. Sometimes dogs find it difficult to swallow the strands of fiber.

Many dog owners choose to juice the celery stalks making it easier for your dog to digest it.

Feeding your dog too much celery can lead to upset stomach causing severe diarrhea.

If you notice this in your dog, it would be best to refrain from giving him celery.

Some dogs digestive system cannot handle certain vegetables and fruit.

Celery should not be fed as a replacement for a meal but as a treat or snack.

Fun Facts About Celery!

  • Celery is made up of 95% water!

  • Celery can grow up to three feet tall.

  • Celery produces white flowers known as “umbels.”

  • One ounce of celery seeds produce one acre of celery.

  • Celery oil is used in both the pharmaceutical and perfume industries.

  • Celery was once used for medicinal purposes for toothaches, insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure.

  • Celery lives for two years; it is a biennial plant.

  • If you forget your toothbrush, you can chew on a stalk of celery to clean your teeth.  Likewise for your dog, chewing on celery refreshes his breath and cleans his teeth.

  • A bouquet of celery was presented to the Romans as a reward for winning

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why do dogs bite their paws

Next time you are enjoying celery, pass a bite to Fido to enjoy!

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