Sweet Dog Dumped And Abandoned “Snoop” the Dog

sweet dog dumped and abandoned snoop the dog FI

The story of how “Snoop” the dog was  dumped in the cold streets in winter in England, has made sparked outrage among millions of dog lovers.                                

This well-kept Staffordshire Bull Terrier has people perplexed as to why the owner dumped the dog.

Snoop appears to be well cared for, healthy, and has a sweet disposition. 

One particular dog lover of notoriety heard about the plight of this sweet dog.

Snoop Dogg the rapper heard about Snoop, the dog and offered to adopt him.

Snoop Dogg compassionately responded that he wanted to help a fellow “Snoop” out in need.

Snoop’s Owner Caught On Camera

On a cold December night, Snoop’s owner and another individual who was driving the car stopped in the middle of a lifeless street.

There the owner led Snoop out of the car on a leash where he opened the trunk removing Snoop’s dog bed. 

Tossing the dog bed in the bike lane of the street, he unleashed Snoop and ran back to the car.

The owner and driver sat there a few moments while Snoop distressingly attempted to scratch at the car door wanting back in.

Circling the car many times, the dog wanted his owner. The car sped off with Snoop running after it.

To watch this scene unfold on video is heartbreaking. RSPCA rescued Snoop and took him to their shelter where he has been since.

They are currently working with him to rehabilitate him from the trauma of the abandonment.

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Snoop is severely traumatized by the event, and as a result, he is suffering from anxiety.

Once the RSPCA feels he can go to a new home, they will release him.

Thousands of offers to adopt Snoop have poured in. One being from Snoop Dogg the rapper.

The RSPCA will thoroughly interview applicants.

They feel that Snoop must be rehomed with someone that can be home full time with the dog to alleviate the extreme separation anxiety the dog now suffers.

The owner that abandoned Snoop is still being sought after as an ongoing investigation is still underway.

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