Woodsie – The American Bully – Gunshot Survivor

american bully photos

“Woodsie”  The American Bully

The hilarious and goofy personality of a dog named Woodsie is not only sweet but entertaining!

american bully photos

Credit: Woodsie

He is a survivor from a gunshot to the head and went on to live with the bullet in his head for ten months after!

This four-year-old Classic American Bully has been a wonderful pet to two pet-parents that have nurtured and loved him.

Most importantly, his pet-parents have taken the time to ensure Woodsie received the appropriate training to make him be the very best he can be!

Woodsie’s Past

Woodsie started his life in Los Angeles, California through a breeder.

He was first adopted from someone in California where he was raised for four months.

american bully photos

Credit: Woodsie

Realizing that Woodsie needed a commitment of time and training, they made the difficult decision to find Woodsie a new home.

Within days, Woodsie was on his way to his new forever home in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Arriving at his new home in Canada, he was welcomed with open arms by his new pet-parents!

Just one week before Woodsie left for his new home in Canada, he was shot in the head by a hunting rifle.

american bully shot

Credit: Woodsie

He not only survived, but he lived with the bullet lodged in his head for ten months after that.

It was through the love of his new pet-parents and care that he was able to make a full recovery.


Woodsie has become an internet celebrity from his story and has fans from all over the world.

His pet-parents post images of him and his antics as well as his training on the website.

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He has become the model canine promoting an “all in one” collar, leash, harness combination that is produced by an Australian manufacturer.

Woodsie also promotes a partnership with XDog Vests. He has quickly become the iconic spokesdog for Bullies worldwide!

Woodsie’s Physical Attributes

This seventy-pound Classic American Bully has a thick and lean appearance measuring 19” tall at the shoulder and weighs in at seventy pounds.

how big do american bullies get

Credit: Woodsie

His block-like head measures 23” with a set of beautiful rusty colored and soulful eyes that speak a thousand words!

Don’t be fooled by the overall prowess demeanor of this lean machine because he can break out acting silly, goofy and downright entertaining!

These antics are what sets Woodsie apart because it’s this quirkiness that makes him unique.

Training Woodsie

Although he has not received formal training, Woodsie’s training has been relatively easy because of his high food drive.

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His ability to learn quickly has made it possible to continue to teach and train him with ease.


Woodsie is a very active boy and loves to do many things. He does love to lounge about during the day, however, when outside, he will run and play.

Beware though if there are mud puddles around because Woodsie loves a good mud bath!

Credit: Woodsie

He is often referred to as “house hippo” or “piglet” from the love of wallowing in the mud.

Woodsie’s athletic side comes out when participating in weight pulling, luring, agility and wall climbing.

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The dog park is where the social butterfly comes out in Woodsie.

Funny as it may sound, he loves dogs that have the short-snouted breathing sound, and he will pursue looking for one of these little “brachy” friends to play with.

Being packed full of personality, Woodsie also has a few tricks up his sleeve that he learned.

He balances objects on the tip of his nose, and can also spin in both directions.

He has mastered sit, stay, lay down, roll over, crawl, and wait. He can shake with both paws, and also speaks (loudly and quietly.)

The Sweetness of Woodsie

Whether Woodsie is romping through mud puddles, running with the big dogs in lure coursing or just contently snoozing at the feet of his human mommy, he has quickly become a valuable member of his house.

There are no words that begin to describe how much he is loved and cherished.

Pitbulls, American Bullies, Bull Dogs and all types of bully dogs are smart, fun to watch and amazing dogs.

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  1. Maisy, my 7yo pitty, was found pregnant and homeless by animal control birmingham, al. She was rescued by sanctuary animal rescue, and 6 of 8 pups had been adopted when we found her.

  2. Such a beautiful example of this breed that I’ve fallen in love with. I’m sorry your not got shot, heartbreaking. I’m so happy he had a great home with you.💞 I hope by example from ppl such as yourself & many other’s we can educate and dispel fears around these phenomenal dog’s.

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