Never-Ending Tummy Rub “Come on Dad, don’t stop!” – Demands Cute Pit Bull.

Never-Ending Tummy Rub Come on Dad, don’t stop! Demands Cute Pit Bull FI

As dog lovers, we all enjoy the companionship our furry kids provide.

We never hesitate to show our dogs affection. There is just something about cuddling and loving on them that is special.

In turn, our dogs show us love (including submission) in different ways, such as exposing their belly to us.  Dogs and belly rubs go hand in hand!

But what do you do when your dog doesn’t let you stop rubbing their belly?

One dad can attest to his bossy pit bull who doesn’t want the belly rubs to stop.

The pit bull reaches over with his paw and pulls dad’s arm back in for more. 

The ultimate cutie pie of belly rub begging is Duke (formerly known as Earl,) a pit bull mix.

While in an animal shelter, every morning, the shelter staff was met with Duke posed on his back, legs up and begging for a belly rub.

This dog knew how to work it with his compelling way of saying, “Hey, here I am, rub my belly, please!”

His sweet morning routine of posing like this hit social media and went viral.

He was quickly adopted and went to a loving home where he had an endless supply of belly rubs!

So, why do dogs love belly rubs? 

Just like humans, dogs, crave affection, and attention.

They have a basic need for interaction with their humans, especially after being alone all day while everyone’s at work.

But, let’s back up and look at evolved behavior from puppy to adult.

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As puppies, dogs develop a learned behavior of exposing their belly because of their mother cleaning them.

On into adulthood, that learned behavior indicates submission to their human.

Now not all dogs like to have their belly touched, but those who do enjoy it immensely.

The abdomen area of a dog is super sensitive because of exposed skin.

Did you know that when you rub your dog’s belly, both you and your dog’s brains release oxytocin (a feel-good hormone?)

Next time when your dog paws you to continue rubbing their belly, you know now without a doubt they love it.

Heck, if it feels good, who wouldn’t want more?

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