Pit Bull Is Stolen From Shelter, Then Microchip Reveals He’s 700 Miles Away

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Prospective pet-parents take a pit bull for short walk at a shelter but never returns with the dog!

It is common practice for many people visiting dog shelters to get to know the dogs they are considering adopting.

This is usually done in a private room, or some shelters even allow the prospective parents to walk the dog outside.

However, one couple that visited a Colorado shelter had other intentions.

They requested to walk the a pit bull which the shelter staff had no objection to.

The problem was, they never brought the pit bull back. They disappeared with the dog.

Driven over 700 miles away and left at a shelter!

As if stealing the pit bull was not bad enough, the couple left the state of Colorado with the dog.

Four months after disappearing, a shelter in Nevada contacted the Colorado Animal Rescue.

Apparently, a pit bull, named Zeb, had a microchip registered to Colorado Animal Rescue.

Through the help of The Animal Foundation transfer program and Eric Welker, an employee with Colorado Animal Rescue, Zeb the pit bull was transported back to Colorado.

Welker met an animal transport in Utah where he picked up Zeb and drove him back to Colorado.

A Happy Reunion In Colorado

When Welker and Zeb drove up to the Colorado Animal Rescue shelter, the staff happily greeted the pit bull.

Zeb’s tail was wagging so hard you could hear it beating the walls.

This whole situation goes to show dog owners the importance of microchipping your dog in the event they are lost, or worse, stolen as in Zeb’s case.

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Lastly, the reputation pit bulls have with being aggressive and dangerous was refuted by Zeb’s situation.

He was sweet enough to trust complete strangers to lead him out on a walk!

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