The Happiest Rescue Dog On The Agility Course


On March 10, 2017, the United Kingdom held a special dog show known as the Rescue Dog Agility Course hosted at Crufts. One of the show’s participants was a white Jack Russell Terrier named Olly. This pooch would soon become known as the happiest dog at the show who made the most mistakes!

Olly began his run on the agility course by tripping over the low pole in the first obstacle and landing on his head! He got up and continued on, happy as can be and apparently oblivious to the mistake he had just made.

This little Jack Russell Terrier continued through each obstacle and went rogue with one after another. Olly happily ignored the “right” way to complete any task before him! Olly then decided to “complete” each obstacle as he wished and in the order of his choosing. This pooch even took a moment out of his run to check out a corner of the obstacle course, demonstrating to everyone how important it is to stop and smell the roses!


Olly eventually completed his run on the agility course (while not to the satisfaction of his human counterpart). He may not have won any awards in the Rescue Dog Agility Course competition, but he did conquer the hearts of all who watched! Observers in the audience described Olly’s run as “insane majesty” and that it was “so much better than when it’s done right!”.

Olly is an excellent representation of pure happiness and gratitude. Each of the dogs who ran the agility course on Friday did so with their own “rescue dog” past. Olly is just the only one to add a little flare, dazzle, joy, and humor to it. Let him be an example of what it means to be given a second chance!

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