A Rescue Pitbull Is Busting Down Breed Myths And Stigmas


This Pitbull’s story takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It was here that his life began in adversity and hardship and it is also where it bloomed into so much more!

His name is Otter, and he was found living on the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2011.

The Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team plucked Otter from the streets and brought him in.

He was treated for extensive injuries and severe malnourishment before he was offered up to be a foster dog.

Otter was then fostered by Leslie O’Neill and her husband. This is where Otter’s happily ever after, begins!


Otter was 18 months old when the O’Neill’s brought him into their home.

After deciding to foster this Pitbull, the O’Neill’s started to notice his wide variety of funny faces.

They also started dressing Otter in different outfits to match his humorous ways.

Pictures of Otter’s faces and poses were used by the O’Neill’s to build him an Instagram page.

Otter quickly became an internet sensation and is widely known as a “go-to” Instagram page!

It wasn’t long before Leslie, and her husband fell in love with Otter and appreciated him for his sense of humor.

They realized that his unfortunate past no longer mattered and that he could help break down the barriers and stigmas that follow the Pitbull (and other Bully) breeds.

They continued to post Otter in goofy outfits, poses, facial expressions and even just his day to day life with the hope of making an impact on the cyber world.

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Otter has been considered an internet sensation for much of his life with the O’Neill’s.

After only two and a half years, he acquired more than 13,000 followers on Instagram.

He has also become a favorite “go-to” pooch to represent various causes.

These include Pitbull Breed Discrimination programs, animal adoption programs as well as representing the importance of neutering or spaying your family pets to help with population control.

Otter’s irresistible faces, poses, and outfits combined with his playful demeanor demonstrated in his adorable pictures are contributing to break down the myths about the Pitbull dog breed.

They are opening the minds of the people and encouraging the much-needed conversation about the true core of a Pitbull and the impact their lovable nature can have on families all over the world!

The O’Neill’s are the first to speak up in favor of such a movement!


Unfortunately, the truth about the Pitbull dog breed is not spreading fast enough.

In the United States, more than 700 U.S. cities have passed laws prohibiting Pitbull ownership. As a result, over one million Pitbulls are euthanized every year!

Leslie is hopeful that as word spreads about the true nature of the Pitbull that more of these laws will be revised or dropped.

She believes that Otter is helping to impact these laws with his pictures and he “helps to make the world a better place for Pitbulls and rescue dogs.”

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