Dog Lover Sees Past The Deformities Of A Sweet Little Pitbull

dog lover sees past the deformities of a sweet little pitbull fi

Someone adopted a deformed pitbull that was dumped by its breeder

A sweet little pitbull was dumped at a local shelter by her breeder because of congenital deformities.

These deformities were from improper (backyard) breeding that went horribly wrong.

Her little legs are twisted with webbed paws. She suffers from severe hip dysplasia and is unable to walk normally.

She suffers from breathing issues, an oversized tongue and the inability to bark.

Many parts of her body are severely underdeveloped which lends to her overall dwarfism.

Ernie Altamirano of New York saw past all of this dog’s physical deficits seeing an animal that begged for attention and love.

He loved her from the moment he met her and named her Sassy.

It’s ironic how her name references her personality because she has a lot of ‘sass’ for a dog that has so many limitations.

Sassy was rescued by ‘Forgotten Friends Of Long Island.

These volunteers rescue animals that are going to be euthanized because of physical illness or impairments.

As soon as they heard about Sassy, they went right over to the shelter and picked her up.

Altamirano adopted Sassy where she lives with her other pup siblings who are also rescues with special needs.

Sassy has a big following on her Facebook page where you can catch the latest video of her and her daddy out and about having a great time together.

We applaud Altamirano for his true love and passion for dogs with special needs.

Many people turn their backs on dogs that have impairments.

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Sassy is a living example of how limitations do not stand in the way of her being a fantastic pet.

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