Why Do Dogs Bark at Nothing

dog barks at nothing

So, I had just finished watching Paranormal Activities and was obviously spooked.

dog barks at nothing

I really don’t do well with the horror genre and can’t sleep for a few nights after watching a horror movie.

As I went to my room, I found my dog barking at nothing.

That scared the hell out of me.

Don’t laugh! Given the circumstances, it was a scary thing. How would you react if your dog barks at nothing after you’ve just watched a horror flick?


The thing is that my dod did bark at nothing before but I really didn’t pay it too much attention.

This incident, however, got me curious and I wanted to know why he behaved the way he did.

In this blog post, I will answer the question, “Why do dogs bark at nothing?” and tell you why it’s probably not a ghost.

Let’s begin.

The Reasons Why Dogs Bark at Nothing

There are a lot of reasons why dogs bark but, people assume that dogs barking at nothing is something that dogs just do.

But, that’s not true.

It is not a dog thing.


Dogs have a sharper sense of sound that us humans do and can hear stuff that our ears can’t catch.

So, your dog may be barking at the presence of critters in your floors, basement, etc.

Mice and raccoons—which are active at dusk are also the reason why your pooch may be barking.

Noises from Afar

As I mentioned in the previous point, dogs have a strong sense of sound and can hear voices and sounds from afar.

And we think that they’re barking at what seems to be nothing.

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A siren, some other wild animal, or other sounds could alert your pooch’s strong ears and cause him to bark.

Canine Dementia

If your furry companion is getting rather old and you’ve been observing changes in your dog’s behavior during the nighttime then, it could mean the early onset of canine cognitive dysfunction.

Dogs going through this start by pacing at night, barking, etc.

call the veterenarian

You should discuss the matter with your vet because, if diagnosed early, the symptoms of the disease can be slowed down and controlled.

Final Words: Why Do Dogs Bark at Nothing?

The thing is that dogs have a stronger sense of sound and smell that us humans do which means that they can hear things and smell things that aren’t even registered by our senses.

So, your dog barking at critters, rodents, or animals afar may seem to you that he’s barking at nothing.

So, there really is no need for you to call the pastor to get your house cleansed of the spirits and ghosts yet!  

You could try but, that won’t work.

Canine dementia is also a reason why your dog could actually be barking at nothing. If you suspect this be sure to call your local vet.

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