Hogan: Pitbull that Monkey Chatters

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Hogan: The Monkey-Chattering Pitbull!

We are amazed at the funny ways dogs act and sound, but when we came across a dog that has the unusual talent of talking to his human mom by making noises that mimicked the sound of a monkey.

It’s not only funny, but it is surprising!

Hogan is a Pitbull that has gained attention through an online video that went viral.

As his owner talks to him, he responds with monkey noises. It’s not only cute but comical!

Can dogs talk to us?

Hogan’s ability to make the strange monkey sounds has prompted the question, “Can dogs talk to humans?”

Dogs are able to communicate with humans through body language and by making noises and sounds.

They are capable of understanding some words in our language.

Researchers in Hungary discovered that dogs’ brains are able to process human language similar to the same way we do.

The Science journal published a study that confirmed similar findings.

Nicolas Mathevon, Bioacoustician at The University of Lyon (Saint Etienne, France) recorded voices of thirty women as they read a script that directed at photos of dogs.

The script was quite simple. “Who’s a good boy,” “Come here,” “Good boy,” “Yes!,” “Come here sweetie pie,” and “What a good boy.”

doberman woman

The scientists found that the women’s speech directed to the photos of dogs were spoke in a high-pitched tone.

When the women were asked to say the same things to pictures of humans, their speech was in a much lower distinctive tone.

Evidence proves that humans communicate to dogs in higher tones engaging the dog’s attention and eventually prompting the dog to respond either with body language or sounds.

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 As in Hogan’s case, he responded to his human mom by making monkey sounds!

Dog’s Communication

Body Language:

  • Facial Expressions
  • Eyes
  • Licking Lips
  • Showing teeth (smiling)
  • Raising Ears
  • Wagging Tail


  • Barking
  • Whining
  • Babbling or making unusual noises

Hogan the Monkey-Chatterer

Hogan’s human mommy passed away from cancer a few years ago.

His human mommy had a special relationship with him, and they would talk back and forth.

This is how Hogan began to make monkey sounds.

He was using the monkey chatter sound to convey to his human mommy he loved her.

Hogan lives in Arizona where he is still doing great and continuing to “monkey talk” with his human family there.

 He is indeed a unique dog and proof that dogs do talk to us.

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