Service Dog (A Pitbull) And Owner Asked to Get Off Of San Francisco Cablecar

Driver Of Cable Car Starts Altercation Because It Was A Pit Bull

A man and his service dog (a pit bull​​​) boarded a San Francisco cable car only to be asked to deboard or move to another seat by the driver of the cable car.

The pit bull owner refused, stating he had a right to be on the car with his service dog.

The cable car driver stated that he was uncomfortable having a pit bull near him because he was afraid.

Oddly enough, the pit bull was docile and was not aggressive in any way towards that passenger.

A woman walking along the sidewalk happened to witness the incident. Ironically, she is an owner and advocate of pit bulls.

She recorded the incident and posted the video online where it has received over 700,000 hits.

The service dog’s owner filed a complaint with the mayor’s office. The driver of the cable car was not found guilt of any wrong doing.

The stereotype that is slapped onto the pit bull breed has caused the general public to fear these dogs.

It’s unfortunate that the breed is so misunderstood and berated.

What one fails to realize is if you see a pit bull that is a service dog, you can bet your bottom dollar that dog has undergone some serious training and socialization.

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  1. My, now retired but still with me, service dog is a pit bull. We worked as a team for 4 years in public. We traveled on trolleys, buses, planes, and boats. We never had 1 moment of trouble. He wore his vest (not required, but he was vest trained, so he wore it while “working”), followed all of his commands, and never bothered anyone or anything. Any dog, ANY breed, with the right temperament, can be a service dog with training. It just so happens that pit bulls are VERY human-centric, wanting the affection and attention of their human more than, sometimes, even food. That makes them easy to train. Unfortunately, that is also what makes them easy to train to fight and be aggressive. Whatever an owner praises, is what a pit bull will do, until they take their last breath.

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