Owner Heartbroken After Burglars Kidnap Pitbull

owner heartbroken after burglers kidnap pitbull fi

After discovering her home had been broken into, Jessica Barcelo realized that her pit bull, Keno was taken.

Jessica happened to be monitoring her home surveillance camera app one day on her phone.

She immediately noticed that her door was open.

The footage revealed that the contents of her home had been ransacked and was a mess. More importantly, her dog was gone.

Frantically, she placed posters of Keno Missing everywhere she could and posted it online as well.

She was distraught not knowing if she would find her beloved dog.

Over the course of a few days, she went to all of the animal shelters nearby hoping Keno would turn up.

But nothing.

Four days following the burglary, police notified Jessica that they had found Keno.

The pit bull was wandering the streets and was in bad shape from exhaustion, being dirty, hungry and thirsty.

The Saving Grace For Keno

It happened that the very thing that saved Keno was him being microchipped.

If it weren’t for that, the police would not have known who the dog belonged to.

The emotional reunion shared between Jessica and Keno was heartwarming for animal control officers.

Having a dog micro-chipped is something every dog owner should have done.

It could mean the difference between losing your dog forever or seeing their furry little face again.

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