Little Cuddle-Pug

little cuddle pug fi

Pug won’t settle for an inch of space between him and his dad!

Over in Germany, there lives a little pug that is a cuddle bug. As his dad has a sit on the sofa, the little pug cuddles up next to him. How sweet is that? But wait! There are more cuddles to come!

His dad tries to document how passionate his pug is for nudging in next to a warm human by capturing the pug in action on video.

After the first nudge and cuddle, dad moves a few inches down the sofa.

The pug lifted his head and looked at his dad as if to say, “Hey, where’d ya go?” He scoots on over next to dad. “Ahhh, now I am good, I can cuddle up next to him again.

Dad scoots over again. Bet’cha can’t guess what the pug did! Yep, he moved over next to dad again and cuddled back in.

This act of scoot’n over and positioning for a fresh cuddle continued until both dad and pug had reached the end of the sofa.

Once his dad made the last scoot down, and the little pug moved in next to him, he again glanced up at dad. “Come on, Dad; I need some seriously cuddles here!” 

The little pug laid his head down and was as content as a pug could be! The cuddle bug was snug in his rug.

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