Pugs Enjoy Trip to Amusement Park

pugs enjoy trip to amusement park fi

A pug trio caught riding on a car-carousel!

Amusements parks and carnival rides are exciting for little ones to see and visit. 

However, one trio of pugs did more than just walk around with their owners at one particular neighborhood carnival.

Rural carnivals are a rare treat for children in many low-populated areas of the world.

Thailand’s Udon Thani Province has small pop-up outdoor amusement rides that the locals flock to. These little carnivals bring excitement to the tiny towns nestled among the mountains. 

One can only imagine the wonderful sounds and smells that these carnivals provide for residents nearby.

Families plan an afternoon out to visit the wonderful event that has come to their area. Most of the carnival rides are rustic compared to what we have here in the U.S. 

Regardless, Thailand children are anxious to get on each ride at the modest carnival.

One particular ride attracts little ones because of the small, brightly colored car-like carriages that hang from above. 

The children quickly load up into the individual cars on the car carousel. Loading up also are three little pugs!

Their owner situates them in a red and blue carousel car to enjoy a ride. There they sat, three pugs in a row! As the carousel began, the pugs rode happily round and around and around. 

Carnivals are not for kids only; pugs love them too!

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