A Fur-Ever Gift To His New Bride!

a fur ever gift to his new bride fi

Groom gives his new bride a rubber ducky at their wedding!

Stephan Watt of Dumbarton, Scotland planned out a very special surprise for his bride-to-be.

He presented her with a rather odd gift at their wedding. A rubber ducky!

Guests were gathered to celebrate the nuptials of Stephan and Keriann.

Excitement and joy filled the reception hall of St. Patrick’s church in their home town of Dumbarton.

As the wedding feast began, Stephan stood up and asked for everyone’s attention.

He announced he wanted to give his new bride a very special gift.

Stephan handed Keriann a rubber ducky dog toy and smiled. She sat there confused and not quite understanding the meaning behind this cute little toy.

He instructed her to point the duck and quack it at the fire exit.

As she did, in walked someone carrying a little pug puppy with a bow around it’s collar.

As soon as Keriann saw the puppy, she broke down crying.

Taking the puppy into her arms, she cuddled it tightly feeling as if her heart was going to burst with joy.

The groom chuckled as he explained to the guests that the dog was their new baby and after they return from their honeymoon they would pick it up.

He went on to say as he referenced the puppy, “This will be our life.”

Keriann is very passionate about dogs and her love for pugs is immense.

She has a collection of pug trinkets and things which friends and family have given to her over the years.

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They know how much she loves the pug breed. Everyone jokes with her about how she stalks pugs walking in the park or down the street.

The couple now lives happily with their pug puppy who happens to be a girl.

Keriann was given a gift that will continue to shower her with love and affection.

Truth be known, the little pug will be loved just as much if not more!

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