Farting Noise-maker Entertains Pug: Quite Hilarious!

The impropriety of the sheer mention of the word “fart” is frowned upon. 

Many find that flatulence is not only disgusting but something we don’t talk about.

However, if the sound of flatulence is coupled with a dog flipping out, you will laugh. Who can’t resist a good giggle?

We all know that dogs can be quite quirky when it comes to hearing noises

Unsure of where the sound originates as well as understanding it causes dogs to react in ways that's downright funny!

Over in the United Kingdom, one particular pug mom knows this all too well.

Janine Hornsby decided one day to see what her pug, Grimley, would do if she placed a farting noise-maker in the floor. 

She turned the machine on, and as Grimley walked around it, trying to figure out what it was, it rips a big one! 

Grimley was startled and somewhat confused at this weird noise.

As the machine let out a second fart, Grimley jumped, barked, and went in to try and discover where this noise came from.

Each time he approached, it would let another fart and another. 

One can’t sit and not laugh because watching this pug going crazy can quickly bring you to tears from laughing so hard.

Dogs, in general, have funny reactions to hearing the sound of flatulence. 

There is no doubt that a fart noise-maker is a nifty little way to entertain your dog!

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