“Cirque du Pug-lei”

cirque du pug lei fi

Acrobatic Pug Urinates While Doing Handstand!

Have you ever seen a dog urinate while doing a front handstand? Dogs take their potty routine to a whole new level!

One little pug was caught on video walking on his front two paws while holding his bum straight up in the air.

As he walked, he relieved himself.

This compromising pose appeared to require the skill of a circus acrobat in order to execute successfully. 

What we don’t realize is, this cute act of urinating in a handstand position is, in fact, a natural behavior that smaller male dogs exhibit.

They raise their body in such a way so their urine will reach higher in order to mark areas that larger dogs have marked.

Smaller dogs will also assume this position to spread more urine over extended areas to mark their territory. 

The circus act is cute and rather odd. It’s definitely not something you see every day in the average dog.

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