Pit But Understands The ‘Snooze’ Button!

pit but understands the snooze button fi

A pit bull has a special routine to wake her dad up every morning. 

Most dogs resort to various ways when they want their pet parents to get out of bed.

However, this pit bull makes not one, not two, but three attempts at waking up her dad every single morning.

She never deviates from her routine of three wakeup notifications.

Grey’s Dad Tries To ‘Snooze’ Her

Jason Lewis is an avid rugged off-road enthusiast. He produces an intriguing car review vlog that includes his dogs here and there.

When he told someone that his beloved ‘Grey’ had this peculiar routine in the wee hours of every single morning, many had disbelief.

To prove this, he set up a camera on his bedside table to record the event.

Luckily the camera had night vision to record what was about to unfold in the darkness of the bedroom!

Right on time around 4:57 am, in walks Grey the pit bull. She comes around to Jason’s side of the bed where she sits down and stares at her dad.

Feeling the stare, he looks over at her, “Oh, Grey dog, it’s the crack of dawn. Go back to bed.

She does just that in going back to bed. Another 15 or so minutes, she returns.

Coming around to his side of the bed, she sits and begins to whimper. He tells her to go back to bed, which she does.

Another 15 or so minutes pass and guess who is back at Jason’s bedside? You can’t help but laugh.

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She sits there until he tells her he is going to get up. She jumps up on the bed to ensure he holds to his promise.

Who needs an alarm clock with Grey around? Better yet, you can hit the snooze button on her knowing that she WILL get you up.

A Dog’s Duty?

Many of you are probably assuming that Grey needed to go outside as most dogs do first thing in the morning.

However, she has a pet door with access to the backyard. So why does she wake her dad up every morning in the same fashion?

Dogs are smart enough to learn your routine and habits.

They wake us up if they need to go outside, are hungry, scared, bored, or they want to be with you.

Dog owners unknowingly encourage a dog to repeat behaviors such as waking their owners up.

It is important before going to bed at night that you go through a checklist of sorts to make sure there is no reason for your dog to get you up.

  • Have a nice comfortable bed for them near you, so they don’t feel lonely.
  • Ensure they have access to food and water if they become hungry or thirsty.
  • They should have access to toys if they become bored.
  • If you do not have a pet door to the backyard, be sure to take them outside right at bedtime.

Puppies, young dogs, and dogs on some medications will need to relieve themselves more often than older dogs.

Keep this in mind when it comes to them trying to get you up.

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When your dog attempts to wake you up in the morning and you know they have all of their needs met, ignore them for a bit before giving in to them.

Breaking the habit of them waking you is difficult once they start.

It takes a lot of patience to get them into a good routine of a set bedtime and wake-up time.

We love our dogs and they, in turn, love us.

Find your groove with a good healthy sleep routine, and once you do, you will both go to bed at the same time and rise in the morning at the same time.

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