Can Dogs Eat Edamame

can dogs eat edamame

Did you know that most of the food in your pantry is unsafe for your dog to consume? It’s true! 

So, it is always a great idea to look a food up before you feed it to your furry friend—after all, you don’t want to cause any accidental damage!

can dogs eat edamame

In today’s blog, I will answer the question, “Can dogs eat Edamame?”. This crunchy treat is good for the human body and can be used in salads or to make healthy chips.

But, is it good for your doggy? Let’s see and find out! 

Is Edamame Safe for Dogs?

Yes, edamame is safe for your dog to consume. There’s a but…

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You should give edamame to your dog in moderation—that way you will not see any negative side effect in your furry friend.

The Edamame beans have amazing health benefits for humans and dogs alike and are a good source of polyunsaturated fats or the ‘good’ fats that your body needs to function. 

can dogs have edamame

Yes, there is such a thing as ‘good fats’. 

Other than that… 

These beans also have a lot of per serving which helps your doggy keep the weight off by making him feel fuller for longer—making it the perfect snack for doggies who are on a diet. 

You can even feed them to your dog raw! 

What Happens If I Feed My Dog Too Much Edamame? 

We all know that anytime we feed our dogs too much of something new, their tummies revolt!  That’s why when switching food brands, we need to slowly introduce the doggy to the new food. 

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But, the deal with edamame is that it is packed with fiber.And guess what too much fiber means?

It speeds up the dog’s digestive tract which results in vomiting or diarrhea which can eventually cause your doggy to become dehydrated!

But, that’s not all… 

Too much edamame will also lead to uncomfortable abdominal bloating due to excessive gas because dogs are carnivorous and don’t need a lot of plant-based food like humans do. 

So, that’s where the moderation thing comes to play. If you’re snacking on some edamame, you can give a few beans to your doggy friend without there being any harmful side effects. 

How You Can Feed Edamame to Your Doggy

There are a lot of different varieties of edamame you can find in the market. 

But, which one is the right one for your doggy? 

Edamame in the following forms is safe for your dog to consume: 

  • Raw
  • Naked
  • Frozen
  • Shelled

The shelled kind are the best ones for your doggy friend as they have no seasonings, additives, or added sodium. 

If you’re planning on feeding your dog edamame straight from the shelves, then don’t! 

This is because they are cooked in oil, and contain a lot of seasoning and salt which is bad for your doggy friend. 

Summing Up: Dogs and Edamame

The good news is that your dog can eat edamame but…you will have to feed it to your furry companion in moderation. 

Shelled edamame is the best for your doggy to consume as it is free of any additives that can cause a bad side effect… 

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Do stick to the moderation thing, though! 

Because consuming too much edamame can cause your dog to have: 

  • Diarrhea 
  • Vomiting

Still, have any questions? Well, let me know in the comments section and I’ll help you right out!

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