Can Dogs Have Milk Thistle


Also known as Silybum marianum, milk thistle is an incredible plant that can work wonders for a dog, especially acting to cleanse the body of toxins.

While there hasn’t been much research into the subject of the effects of milk thistle on dogs, the benefits of using this herb are profound and is most commonly used for liver detoxification or if your suffers from long standing liver problems.

Milk thistle comes in a variety of forms including powders, liquid and capsules.

While these are all acceptable methods to give to your dog it is better to buy a chewable milk thistle that has been designed specifically for canine consumption.

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Not only is this the best way to give your dog milk thistle but it is also the easiest.

Due to the way the way milk thistle works is an excellent way to treat damage to the dog’s liver and overall immune system.

Though it is widely known to prevent liver issues within a dog there is strong evidence that is can even help with cell regeneration while releasing the toxins that the liver has stored in a safe manner.

It is one of the most popular supplements for dogs and can even be helped with dogs that suffer from heart worm – particularly prevalent in areas with mosquitoes.

As milk thistle is an excellent way to cleanse the body of toxins it can be used to save your dog’s life if they have consumed something poisonous.

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One of the most common causes of dog poisoning is when they eat mushrooms when you are out for a walk.

If you think your dog has eaten poisonous mushrooms then you should seek medical advice straight away however if you have milk thistle to hand then this is an excellent step to take while you are en route to the vets.

While many of the reasons milk thistle would be used are to treat liver problems and diseases, there is evidence to suggest that it is a good way to improve your overall dog’s health and can even help with canine digestive problems such as inflammatory bowel disease.

As well as this it is an excellent way to help sooth the symptoms of diseases that are commonly associated with liver diseases such as skin problems, inflammation and bacterial infections.

The list of reasons to give your dog milk thistle goes on and on.

Due to the varying strengths of most milk thistle products it can be difficult to calculate the exact dosage for your dog.

A general rule of thumb is that 10mg per pound of body weight will be a good amount for your average dog however dogs with more serious conditions might need higher doses.

It isn’t advised to give pregnant dogs milk thistle and you should only do so under the recommendation of a vet.

While milk thistle is widely regarded as an excellent source of healing for dogs vets are still unlikely to prescribe it as there are less monetary gains for them than selling products from pharmaceuticals.

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If you are hoping to use milk thistle for treating your dog then try speaking to a vet who believes in alternative medicines for wellness.

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