Pugs Are Her Siblings and Friends!

pugs are her siblings and friends fi

Unusual bond between between a little girl and a pack of pugs.

From the moment a little baby girl came into this world, she has had pugs that surround her constantly with love, companionship, and protection.

Not a day goes by that she has not had her pug siblings by her side.

Kennedy is a beautiful five-year-old girl that has a relationship with her pugs that is unusual for most children her age.

Children develop bonds with their pets but not quite as unique as Kennedy has.

She speaks to the souls of the pugs, and with a simple look, she is able to share her intense love for her doggie siblings.

The exchange of devotion and love can be seen by both the dogs and Kennedy.

The pugs love their human sister on an almost human-like level.

Barnum and Bailey are a rambunctious pug duo of which both are boys. Their little faces melt the hearts of many.

When Kennedy was just a baby, both Barnum and Bailey rarely left her side.

As Kennedy grew and began to be able to play with the pugs, Barnum and Bailey were over the moon.

That little human baby they protect and watch over was fun now!

Their mom has recorded the past five years in pictures and video of Kennedy playing, sleeping, and entertaining Barnum and Bailey.

Can you imagine the wonderful things two little dogs can do for a little girl’s imaginary world of pretend?

They are her dolls she dresses in frilly outfits and takes for walks in a stroller.

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Tea parties are no problem because Kennedy has the pugs scoot right up to partake in one of her favorite activities.

Kennedy’s parents brought home a surprise one day for Kennedy. It was a new addition to the pug pack!

Tahlulabelle was a rescue pug dog that was old and required careful and gentle handling.

Kennedy had no problem being delicate with her new pug sister. Tahlulabelle has always been active in play, naptime, and cuddling.

There is a big following of the pugs and Kennedy through her mother’s Instagram and YouTube posts.

As you look through each post, you can’t help but feel like you are reading their storybook.

Kennedy is happy and laughing in almost every single picture and video. The utter content contained within her mother’s posts is infectious.

Unfortunately, there is a low within the peaks of joy and happiness of their story.

They lost Barnum in March of this year and in one of their posts, a picture shows Kennedy at a memorial display reflecting at the portraits of her beloved Barnum. One can’t help but feel her loss.

Life has gone on for the little girl and her pug pack of two now. Bailey and Tahlulabelle continue to keep Kennedy busy.

The following that Barnum, Bailey, and Kennedy have on social media is impressive.

Their mother’s Instagram has 55.2K followers.

The video of Kennedy as a baby giggling and playing with Barnum and Bailey has over 399,162 views since it was posted a few years ago.

It’s a privilege to be able to witness the intense bond and love of pugs and their humans through the eyes and heart of Kennedy and her pug pack!

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