Toddler Inspires Her Pitbull Brother To Do Cartwheels With Her!


A video of a four-year-old girl and her Pitbull pal has gone viral!

The little girl named Kailyn and her Pitbull brother Oakland are being filmed performing a trick that is much easier to do with two legs!

The video shows Kailyn performing a cartwheel in her living room.

The woman off camera can be heard telling Oakland, the Pitbull to do what Kailyn does.

Just then, Oakland runs over and flops to the ground and rolls as if trying to perform a cartwheel himself!

The video continues to show the two performing their living room gymnastics together, as best friends tend to do!

Kailyn may be sticking her landings, but Oakland gets an A+ for cuteness, effort, and love for his human sister!



Now it’s Kailyn’s turn to copy Oakland! 

Oakland performs his trick of rolling on the floor and enjoys a nice back scratch against the living room rug and Kailyn joins right along!

Kailyn and Oakland are both talented in their own ways, but they both excel at spending quality time together as well as making an effort to copy each other’s moves!

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