A blind Pitbull is given a new lease on life thanks to his rescuers, his guardian angel and dog lovers across the country!


A blind Pitbull named Marco was rescued by the GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center.

His rescuers describe Marco as being on “the brink of death” and that he was suffering from skin infections, sores covering his entire body and extreme hair loss.

Not to mention that Marco was also suffering from a severe case of cataracts that have caused him to be completely blind.

Based on his overall condition (and the fact that cataract corrective surgery would be expensive), the team at the GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center believed that Marco would have little chance of finding his forever home.

The fact of the matter was that the odds were stacked against him.

Marco would soon beat these odds with his guardian angel, Georgia Obenaus.

Georgia Obenaus experienced love at first sight when she first laid eyes on Marco (and Marco fell for her, love at first sniff).

This adorable pup on the brink of despair needed her, and she knew it was her responsibility to find him a forever home.

[Source: GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center]

The first step towards doing so would have to involve Marco regaining his sight.

This, of course, meant he would have to have the expensive corrective cataract surgery.

Georgia began a fundraiser online in hopes of raising enough money to cover the cost.

To her surprise (and Marco’s fortune) dog lovers across the country donated to the cause and helped Marco get his sight back.

[Source: GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center]

Marco’s other issues began to heal as well including his skin infections and sores.

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Not to mention his hair began to grow back! When Marco went in for his surgery, he looked like a brand new dog!

When Marco was released after his surgery, he made a break for the waiting room at the animal hospital, following his nose to Georgia.

Marco may have recognized her by her scent, but this time, he could see her as well!

With his sight back, Marco was finally ready to find a family of his own!

[Source: GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center]

One of the many families to donate to Marco’s surgery were also interested in adopting him.

Sara and Ashley MacGinley were one of the first to donate to Marco’s fundraiser online because they were instantly taken with him!

However, they believed that he had likely been adopted prior to his surgery date.

After Marco’s surgery, the two caught wind that Marco was in need of a home after all and they wanted it to be them.

The MacGinleys adopted Marco and gave him the forever home that he always deserved!

Georgia Obenaus and Marco’s other rescuers found it difficult to let him go after everything they had been through together.

But, they knew he would finally have a second chance as well as a loving family to call his very own.

[Source: GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center]

Georgia Obenaus said the following about Marco:

“In 2013, I came across a hopeless soul in the back kennel of a back room of animal control.

He knew he was going to die. He had mange, skin infections; his skin didn’t even cover his whole tail.

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He was also blind…I say WAS –we took him into the safety of our rescue, addressed his issues one by one…a couple who followed his story cared enough to raise his eye surgery funds…fast forward to today,

Marco has been ADOPTED by a couple who are friends with the ladies who raised his eye surgery money.

They were also one of the FIRST to donate toward his eye surgery last year…as much as it hurts my heart to let him go, that’s what we do, what we hope for, our gift to Marco is to let him have the life he has waited so long for….the life that he deserved all along.”

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