Pit Bull Returned to Shelter Because She was “Too Nice” To Be A Guard Dog

pit bull returned to shelter because she was too nice to be a guard dog fi

How could a dog’s sweet and gentle nature disqualify her from staying with her adoptive family?

A pit bull named Ruby spent the first year of her life as a puppy in an Orange Country Florida shelter before being adopted.

However, the family that adopted her returned her because she did not exhibit guard-dog qualities.

Her shelter kennel card displayed the reason for returning her as “Not being a guard dog, too nice, doesn’t bark.”

How can this be?

Most would assume that animal shelter adoptions are successful.

If someone is willing to adopt such animals, you would think these animals have happy endings in their new homes.

However, this is not the case for some adopted animals.

One in every ten shelter animals adopted are returned because the animal did not meet the expectations of the adoptive owner.

Ruby fell within this group of returns.

The people that adopted her was in search of a guard dog instead of a family pet.

One has to wonder just how exactly Ruby would have been treated if she was ‘guard-dog-material.’

The stereotype that all pit bulls are aggressive goes to show you the people that returned Ruby to the shelter were not fully educated on the true temperament of the breed.

Action is Taken

The very day Ruby was returned to the shelter, an anonymous animal advocate was visiting the shelter.

Photos and the story about Ruby were posted on this person’s  Facebook page, gaining the attention of over 2,000 people.

The post was shared 1,900 times, and someone came forward, wanting to adopt Ruby!

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Ruby left the shelter with her new owner on her freedom ride to her new fur-ever home!

Are you thinking about adopting a dog?

If you are considering adopting a shelter dog, be sure to research the breed and temperament of the dog.

Go and meet the dog and spend a little time with them at the shelter.

Be willing to make a lifetime commitment to the dog before you sign the adoption papers.

Things to consider before adopting a dog.

  • Health problems you may have that would interfere or affect caring for a dog.
  • The dog may require training; housebreaking, socialization, obedience.
  • You know nothing on the background of the animal. This is why spending some time with them at the shelter is essential. Research everything you can on the breed.
  • There is an acclimation period that both the dog and the owner will go through. You should not decide a few days after adoption to return the dog.

Pit bulls need a chance to prove their love!

Pit bulls like Ruby fill shelters throughout the U.S.  

The breed has been given such a bad rap for being fighting dogs that can’t be trusted around children or other pets.

However, pit bulls are proven to make extraordinary family pets with a sweet and gentle nature.

It is heartbreaking to think of the stress that Ruby had to endure of being adopted and returned because of the misconceived notion that she would be the ideal dog to stick in a backyard to bark and guard the house!

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