Pit bull left at shelter filled a void in the heart of adoptive mom!

pit bull left at shelter filled a void in the heart of adoptive mom FI

Marisa Elbert, who had gone through significant and life-altering loss, was told about a post on social media about a pit bull available for adoption at a local shelter.

What Marisa didn’t realize was this dog was about to change her life!

Marisa not only lost a dog that was precious to her, but she had also lost both parents. Losing your parents is extremely difficult.

There’s a sense of utter loneliness that settles in as one faces life without the stability of mom and dad there.

If that loss was not traumatic enough, losing her dog weighed in heavily, making the void in her heart all the more great.

A family who had acquired a pit bull for breeding purposes soon discovered that the dog was not performing up to their expectations.

The dog was treated inhumanely and didn’t know what it was like to be loved and nurtured.

Her owners wanted to have her euthanized, but luckily someone offered to take the dog to the local shelter to at least give the dog a fighting chance for adoption.

Deciding to go to the shelter to see the pit bull, Marisa immediately fell in love with her and adopted her.

Naming her Maisy, this sweet dog found the loving home she deserved with Marisa. Maisy has several canine siblings and a few feline siblings, as well.

One of who Maisy seemingly requires as a nap buddy, for when Maisy is sleeping, the cat is always cuddled up next to her.

Maisy lives on a farm with her mom, where she runs freely and enjoys life to its fullest.

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Not a day goes by that she and her mom don’t interact and love all over each other.

They have developed a rather odd dialogue that goes on between the two constantly.

Marisa and Maisy talk to one another conversation-style, and it’s as if they know what the other is saying.

It warms our hearts to see someone who is so lovingly devoted to their dog. Marisa shares her world with Maisy through her social media pages.

The various images of Maisy’s pure content fill you with warmth throughout, but most of all, it demonstrates the sweet nature of pit bulls. 

Sharing such sources of inspirational awareness for pit bulls reinforces the positive attributes that these dogs have in making the perfect family dog!

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