Paralyzed Pitbull’s Dad Arrives Home From Duty In Afghanistan

paralyzed pitbulls dad arrives home from duty in afghanistan fi

Heartwarming Reunion Between Pitbull and Her Dad

We hear stories about children and wives reuniting with soldiers coming back from overseas duty, but what about a dog?

Emma the pit bull was just as excited, if not more, to see her dad walk through the door after a long period of being separated because of military duty.

When he arrived home and opened the door, she struggled to get to him because she is paralyzed.

She was born with polyradiculitis.

This defect is caused by an infection that developed while she was still in her mother’s uterus. 

The infection is known as toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease.

Toxoplasmosis is contracted through contact with cat feces, undercooked meat, or from mother-to-baby during pregnancy.

A little thing like being paralyzed did not keep Emma from getting to her dad though upon his arrival.

She managed to drag herself across the floor to get to him.

 Although her dog siblings got ahead of her, Emma did reach her dad at the door and was picked up and hugged tightly by him.

What a wonderful reunion between dog and owner!

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