Pit Bull Alerts Owners To Carbon Monoxide

pit bull alerts owners to carbon monoxide fi

Ruby And Her Heroism!


As the Andos’ slept one night, their pit bull (Ruby) began to bark incessantly.

This was unusual for their dog to bark like this because Ruby is a well-trained therapy dog that does not bark often.

When she does, it is because someone is at the door.

After putting off getting up out of bed for over an hour, Ronene Andos got up to find out what was wrong.

Going downstairs, she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and immediately noticed the smell of propane.

Just recently, the Andos’ placed a propane heater in their basement.

Ruby was able to pick up the odor of propane gas leaking from the basement during that night.

Her protective instinct kicked in causing her to alert her owners of the impending danger.

Carbon monoxide can be produced from leaking propane and can be fatal.

Things such as propane heaters that are not functioning properly can leak.

25% of fatalities caused by propane is from carbon monoxide poisoning. Even worse, if the leaking gas ignites, it can lead to death.

Ruby saved the Andos from what could have been a dire situation.

Ronene stated, “Dogs are typically intuitive. I believe the (pit bull) breed is even more so with all the research I have done, and I think that was it hands down.”

Both of the Andos advocate for pit bulls trying to promote awareness of how this breed is wrongly perceived as bad.

This breed has a bad rap. They are very protective, and they are really amazing dogs if they are trained and kept active,” Ronene went on to say.

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The protective instinct of Ruby was the saving grace for The Andos couple!

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