Rehabbing Pitbulls Into Service Dogs

rehabbing pitbulls into service dogs fi

Local dog trainer implemented program to save pitbulls!

Pitbulls have a bad rap for being an overly aggressive breed and are rarely rehomed or adopted.

However, one man is turning that rap around and training shelter pit bulls to be service dogs for veterans.

Frank Pugliese, the owner/trainer of Behavior Plus in Pomona, NY, works with Hi-Tor Animal Care Center to rehab incoming pit bulls.

The dogs are abused and beaten up so severely that they require extensive veterinarian care.

The pit bulls come from a variety of backgrounds of neglect.

The pitbull rehab program was inspired by Frank’s son, Matthew, who ended up with a brain injury from playing football.

Matthew depends on his pit bull, Bella, who helps him daily.

Frank saw the potential that pit bulls have and knew in his heart that these dogs deserved a chance.

Frank sees past the traumatized exterior and behavior and sees a dog that wants to be loved.

For up to four months, Frank and his team of volunteers work closely with these dogs providing them training and socialization.

The most abused pitbull transforms into a sweet dog that is well trained and ready to be a service dog!

It’s not unusual to see volunteers taking the pit bulls (that are in training) along with them on shopping trips.

This gets them acquainted with being around the public.

The veterans who receives the trained pit bulls not only get a service dog, but they also gain a friend!

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