Pug Joins His Toddler Sister in Skype Call To Their Dad on Laptop

pug joins his toddler sister in skype call to their dad on laptop fi

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your child AND your dog on skype talking to dad at the same time!

When a baby toddler girl and her pug saw their daddy’s face on the laptop, they were both overcome with excitement. 

Who was happier to see him on the screen? It was difficult to tell!

Being able to see the ones we love when they are away is a treat for both family members and pets.

For soldiers that deploy away from home, seeing friends, family, and even Fido on a screen as you talk to them is comforting.

Do dogs understand who is on the screen during online video calls?

Technology is a wonderful thing in this day and age, providing us with the capability to connect with people around the world. 

Facetime, Skype, and other online video chat platforms bring a person into our world as we talk with them.

Dog owners who are away from their pets have gone to extraordinary lengths to alleviate missing them.

Pet cameras allow us to peer in on our pets and to listen in on them. Some cameras have small built-in screens that your pet can see you and hear you and then receive a treat that the camera dispenses to them.

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The question that arises a lot is can a dog truly see you and understand that it is you on a screen?

A study done by researchers at the University of Maryland found that dogs do respond to sound and visual cues. They can recognize their owner’s voice.

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Dogs rely on hearing our voice, seeing our face, and smelling our scent to fully know who we are.

Without all three of those present, a voice or face on a video chat or screen is confusing for dogs.

Your disembodied voice coming through over a pet cam (without a screen) is not ideal for dogs.

They hear your voice, but they cannot see or smell you. This causes them stress, confusion, and agitation.

What is best if you have to be away from your dog?

If you are away from your dog for a prolonged time such as military soldiers or extended business trips, it’s not going to be the end of the world if you video chat with your dog.

Things to consider if you video chat with your dog.

  • They may not recognize or acknowledge you on the screen.
  • They will be stressed from hearing your voice and not being able to find or smell you.

One sure thing is when you return home, they will be ecstatic to see you.

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