Pug Goes Bonkers in Ball Pen!

pug goes bonkers in ball pen fbpug goes bonkers in ball pen fi

Grover the Pug has a blast when he gets into a pen full of balls.

Who can resist the simple joys in life such as running through water sprinklers or jumping into a pit of plastic balls? 

One little pug had a surprising reaction to discovering his playpen was full of those plastic balls.

Over in Australia, a little pug named Grover had the adventure of a lifetime when his mom decided to fill his pen with a bunch of those balls

Not knowing if he would play with them or not, she went ahead and put him in the pen. It was as if someone lit a firecracker in the pen because Grover was jumping and attacking the balls.

He was having a blast. Watching this little fella is hilarious, to say the least! 

Grover is a perky little pug that has a playful personality. His mom (Mel Stringer) has caught him on many occasions doing quirky and funny things.

She is not only a lover of pugs and mom to Grover but a gifted artist. Her artwork features whimsical depictions of her and Grover together.

Sadly, her beloved Grover passed away in 2014. Her loving tribute of Grover’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) continues to warm our hearts as we can catch glimpses into the silly life that Grover had.

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