9 Things You Shouldn’t Do Unless You’re A Pug!

9 Things You Shouldn't Do Unless You're A Pug FI

Doug the Pug shows us the do’s and don’ts of Instagram.

Social media is the “go-to” communication platform in today’s culture. There are certain civilities that should be respected by users.

Sometimes, users are not aware of these etiquettes, and it helps to gently educate them on the do’s and don’ts. We have all heard the precept, “a picture says a thousand words.” 

Instagram is designed as a means of visually sharing images. We use an image to communicate with others.

So how do you know what type of images should and shouldn’t be shared?

Huffington Post produced a quirky and humorous video that features things users should not be posting on Instagram.

A quirky and adorable little dog named “Doug the Pug” is the star of Huffington Post’s video. This little character has a major following on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

His circle includes A-list celebrities, musicians, and prominent people.

Doug the Pug’s strong presence in social media makes him the perfect spokesdog for Huffington Post’s short message on Instagram etiquette.

Just as Doug the Pug does on his own Instagram, we should all strive to post images that have worth and value for other users. 

There are certain images that will blemish or disgrace a user’s profile quickly. 

To avoid this, Doug the Pug suggests that humans should refrain from posting images of themselves posing, eating, exercising, or public displays of affection. 

Doug especially hopes to see fewer postings of images that brag or show off wealth and material things.

Doug the Pug makes sure that his Instagram posts provide value and quality to his following. He can get away with selfies and extravagant poses, but what the heck; he’s a cute little dog. 

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We can’t resist his posts because they lift our hearts and brighten our day.

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