Pitbull Turns into Statuesque Stealth Dog Around Cat

Pitbull Turns into Statuesque Stealth Dog Around Cat FI

Tiny cat intimidates his canine sibling just by staring at him!

What happens when you have a cat staring holes right through you as you try to walk by?

boston terrier with cat

Somewhere out near Long Island, NY lives a quirky pitbull named Isaac. He shares a house with a feline sibling named Paul.

The two have never fought or even had cross barks or meows towards one another, and yet, somehow, Isaac is terrified of Paul.

Kerri Watkins is the mom of this dastardly duo who gets quite a few chuckles out of watching their interactions.

She managed to capture Isaac one day upstairs on the stair landing as he attempted to bypass Paul (the cat), who was sitting off to the side of the landing area.

dog going down the stairs

Now mind you, Paul sat quietly and never moved the entire time.

Let’s see if we can aptly describe the hilarious discourse that Issac terrifyingly made his way through. 

If you can picture in your mind, this big pit bull wandering along towards the stairs when he sees his feline brother sitting there.

Isaac probably had quite the dialogue going on in his mind trying to reason with himself on how he was going to pass by this cat without something terrible happening. 

As Isaac reaches within a foot or so of Paul, he becomes rigid and ever so slightly glances sideways at Paul.

cat playing with small dog

“Maybe if I put one paw out front slowly, Paul won’t notice.” And Isaac moves forward. “Oh my gosh, I know this cat is gonna clobber me!”

Isaac continues as if he is in slow-mo. Isaac’s gaze locks in on the eyes of the cat. “I can do this,” he thinks, “one paw in front of the other.”

By this time, you just can’t help but laugh. Eventually, Isaac makes his way by the cat and over to his mom.

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One has to wonder why a large dog would be so intimidated by a small animal that has done nothing to the dog.

small dog with scared face

According to Dr. Patty Khuly, Veterinarian, cats have the ability to dominate just through staring.

Sometimes if a dog was not initially acquainted with cats during their puppy years, they can be timid around them.

Or if a dog has been attacked by a cat, they remain fearful. 

In Isaac’s case, we may never know what the underlying reason is for his timidity around Paul, the cat.

But we got a good chuckle out of watching Isaac do his utmost best to become the “Invisible Man.” Poor little guy!

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